Mother, Take "Me Time" To Stay Happy

A woman's responsibilities as a wife, parent, and even breadwinner, can sometimes be stressful and stressful. In order not to have a further impact on psychological conditions, it is important for you to take time for yourself or "me timeand calms the mind.

Compared to men, women may be more likely to do multiple jobs at once or multitasking. When you often do many activities or work, this can make a person more easily stressed.

Busy busyness makes women often forget to rest and do not pay attention to themselves, do not even realize that stress can have a bad impact on their health.

In fact, stress that is left too long can cause various psychological problems, such as depression. In mothers who have just given birth, the emergence of severe stress can cause baby blues or even postpartum depression.

So, if you start to feel tired and your body feels very tired, this could be "alarm"So that Mother rests for a while to recover her physical and mental condition.

Relieve Stress with Me Time

A study says that many women today feel less happy, when compared to women in the era of 40 years ago. One of the things that might be the cause is lack of time me time aka time for yourself.

In fact, this free time is needed by women to maintain mental health after all day taking care of the house, children, work, and not even a few who have to take care of their parents.

Without the opportunity to take time for yourself, a woman can easily feel tired and of course prone to stress. Therefore, taking the time to me time can relieve stress, so you can refresh your mind to refocus on taking care of your family and work.

Time me time You can fill it with some things that you like, such as:

  • Sit back and drink coffee or tea for a few minutes
  • Chat with friends, relatives, or close relatives over the phone or video call
  • Play with your favorite pet
  • Play your favorite music or song
  • Bathing in bath tub while turning on aromatherapy
  • Beauty treatments like facial or nail care at home

While undergoing me timeYou can also take the time to exercise or do activities that can make you more relaxed, for example by practicing yoga or meditation.

Tips for Spending Time Me Time

Various activities that are endless, often make a woman delay doing something me time. In order to realize and take advantage of your free time, here are some things you can do:

Prioritize yourself

In the midst of a busy schedule that takes up a lot of time and thoughts, you may find it difficult to find the right time for yourself. Especially if you have to take care of your family and work.

In this case, Mother is recommended not to push yourself when you are too tired and prioritize yourself. Mother should be able to stop for a moment and take the time to calm down and let go of the burden of the mind.

Relaxing is very important for the mind and body, so you will feel fresher and re-energized to do various activities. One thing you need to remember is that prioritizing yourself is not selfish, especially when it comes to your physical and mental health.

Make a plan

Mark all important dates that must be attended, such as birthdays, school events, or family vacations, a few days before they are due. Thus, Mother can plan when me time right.

Everyone needs balance in life, including a mother. If you feel overwhelmed in carrying out daily tasks and work, don't hesitate to ask your partner or other family members for help. When you get help, you can take a moment to me time.

Enjoy the moment me time And don't feel guilty about taking time for yourself. This is because a happy mother will definitely make children and their families happier.

If you have taken the time to me time but still feeling stressed, anxious, not feeling better than the previous condition, or even showing symptoms of depression, it's a good idea for you to consult a psychologist to get the right advice and treatment.