Don't believe it, these 5 ways to get pregnant fast are just a myth

Generally, newly married couples want to quickly get offspring. In order to get pregnant quickly, many prospective parents are willing to do anything, including things that have not been proven true. Come on, find out how to get pregnant fast that many believe, when in fact it's just a myth.

Basically, pregnancy is influenced by several factors, such as the lifestyle you live, health conditions, hormonal balance, and the weight of the prospective parents. In addition, pregnancy can also be influenced by the age of the expectant mother and father.

Various Myths about How to Get Pregnant Fast

Here are some myths about how to get pregnant fast that have not been proven true:

1. Have sex every day

The first myth that you may hear quite often is that having sex every day can increase your chances of getting pregnant. Though this is not true, you know.

In fact, having sex every day may not necessarily make you get pregnant quickly. In some couples, sexual intercourse every day actually reduces the chances of pregnancy. The ideal and recommended frequency of sexual intercourse to increase the chances of getting pregnant is three times per week.

2. Lifestyle will not affect the chances of pregnancy

Some people may choose not to think about and improve their daily life patterns, because they think that this will actually add to the burden of thinking that makes it difficult to get pregnant. This is actually wrong, huh!

Improving a healthier lifestyle should be done since starting the pregnancy program. Starting from adjusting your diet, resting time, to quitting smoking. If necessary, consult a doctor to get recommendations for lifestyle improvements and supplements needed for the pregnant program.

3. Consumption of cough medicine will increase the chances of getting pregnant

Another myth that you may hear quite often is that taking cough medicine will increase the chances of getting pregnant. This is because according to existing myths, cough medicine with phlegm containing phlegm guaifenesin will make the sperm quickly get to the egg, resulting in pregnancy.

In fact, taking cough medicine containing guaifenesin only recommended if you do have a cough. Taking cough medicine outside of these needs can actually have an unfavorable impact on fertility.

4. Women can't get pregnant after 40 years old

Women over the age of 40 are more difficult to get pregnant and are more at risk of miscarriage, but that doesn't mean they can't get pregnant. A woman still has the possibility to get a healthy pregnancy over the age of 40 years, how come.

However, there are some things that need more attention during pregnancy, if the age of the pregnant woman is over 40 years old. Therefore, women who are pregnant at that age are recommended to have a more regular check-up with a gynecologist.

5. Routine cycling will make sperm able to move faster

For some fathers-to-be, this myth might just make cycling more fun. Unfortunately, this myth has not been proven true.

There are no studies that reveal that cycling can increase sperm count and the speed at which sperm move. Cycling exercise that is often done in excess can actually reduce male fertility.

In addition to the five myths above, there are still various myths about how to get pregnant fast that have not been proven true. So, you do not easily believe in these myths.

If you hear advice that comes from myths about how to get pregnant fast, you should first ask your obstetrician to be sure.