Don't just accuse, first identify the 4 characteristics of cheating husbands

No wife wants her marital relationship to be tainted with infidelity. Although it's not easy to do, there are signs of a cheating husband that you need to know to help you re-analyze the bad prejudices in your mind.

The causes of infidelity are very diverse, ranging from personality disorders, childhood trauma, to opportunities that come through social media.

In addition, unresolved problems in the marital relationship and poor communication, both in matters of household and feelings, can also be the cause of infidelity.

However, more cases of infidelity are carried out by men than women. Men who cheat tend to want more attention and sexual satisfaction that cannot be obtained from their partners.

However, you still have to recognize the signs of a cheating husband before accusing your partner of having an affair. This aims to avoid misunderstandings that can damage your household.

Recognize the Characteristics of a Cheating Husband

There are several characteristics of a cheating husband that you need to know, including:

1. Be more aware of cell phones and other devices

Being immersed in a device for reasons of work is a natural thing. However, if your husband keeps staring at his cell phone or other device without knowing the time, this could raise suspicion. This could be a form of boredom towards the relationship and vent it by contacting other women.

In addition, other characteristics of cheating husbands can be seen from things that have never been done before, but now he does. For example, using the password on his cell phone.

You're also not allowed to touch his phone for any reason, even though you used to be able to see who he was texting with. In fact, cheating husbands can take their cellphones with them anywhere, including when bathing, so that their secrets are not known to their wives.

2. Changes in attitude when you're together

Even if you spend time with your husband and there are no fights, your husband will appear to show a different attitude. He began to seem unconcerned and preoccupied with himself. In addition, there are several changes in attitude that can be characteristics of a cheating husband, such as:

  • Be more critical by commenting on many things
  • Easier to get emotional and often start fights
  • Very defensive about mentioning infidelity
  • Can't give a convincing answer every time you ask about other relationships outside of marriage

In addition, a lack of time together can also be a sign of a cheating husband. Even though you and your husband are in the same house, the togetherness is no longer felt because your husband is more engrossed in his world.

3. Decreased sexual desire

Cheating husbands can also be shown from decreased sexual desire, because the fulfillment of sexual satisfaction has been obtained elsewhere.

However, cheating husbands can also be caused by sexual arousal that is too high so that he feels it is not enough if he has sex with only one person.

This generally doesn't involve an emotional bond with the other person, as in a relationship one-night stand or when using the services of a commercial sex worker.

4. Often lie

If your husband starts lying and avoiding you, it could be a sign that your husband is cheating on you. The following are some examples:

  • No longer want to go to public places together
  • Reluctant to do activities together
  • Often accuses of cheating
  • Seems more closed and doesn't want to talk about the problem
  • Many things about husband's words that are not true

Even your husband can blame you for the estrangement in the current domestic relationship. He may also say the following when you ask him about his relationship with someone you suspect is his mistress:

  • "You never believed me."
  • "You're too jealous."
  • "Do not interfere."
  • "You like making things up."

When you get an answer that doesn't match reality and is too long-winded, you can suspect that this is a sign of a cheating husband.

However, the characteristics of cheating husbands mentioned above are not always true. You still have to talk and be open to your husband, especially if the suspicion has interfered with your thoughts and daily activities.

Sometimes, a man who cheated on him can also feel guilty about what he has done to his wife. It's just that men are smarter to hold back their feelings and ego.

When you see the signs of a cheating husband, avoid speaking in a high tone and emotion, because making decisions when you are emotional will not provide the best solution and will only lead to fights.

If necessary, consider taking marriage counseling or consulting with a psychologist to discuss the problem at hand. Good and honest communication is one of the keys to a healthy marriage.