Is it Safe to Give Teether Necklaces to Babies?

Some mothers believe that wearing a necklaceteetherwhen the baby is teething can relieve the pain he is experiencing and make him less fussy. So, what is the use of necklaces?teetheris this safe for babies?

Generally, a baby's first teeth will begin to grow at the age of 6-12 months. When teething, babies often feel pain and swelling in their teeth. So, don't be surprised if you are confused by your little one's behavior––starting from drooling, having trouble sleeping, crying easily, often biting objects in his hands, to refusing to eat.

Your little one's behavior may make you want to do anything to ease the pain, and quite a few mothers choose to give their baby a necklace.teether. Necklace made of stoneamber, marble, wood, or silicone is said to be able to relieve teething pain complaints in children. Is that right?

What is the Use of a NecklaceTeether Safe for babies?

The answer is no, yes, bud. Even though they are made of adorable beads and look cute on babies, necklacesteethercan actually harm the baby. In addition, there are no research results that prove that this necklace is effective in relieving teething pain in babies.

The danger that can occur if wearing this necklace is quite terrible. If the necklace rope breaks without Mother knowing, the Little One who doesn't understand anything can just insert beads from the necklaceteetherhis mouth and choked.

Necklaceteether It can also suffocate your little one if it gets stuck in the crib or while the little one is sleeping. Instead of relieving pain when baby is teething, necklacesteethercan actually kill the baby. In addition, the beads on this necklace are also at risk of hurting the baby's mouth or gums.

necklace wearteether not recommended. However, if you still want your little one to use this necklace, make sure you always keep a close eye on him while he is wearing the necklace. Remove the necklace from the little one's neck when he sleeps or when the mother is not watching him, even if only for a moment.

Tips to Relieve Pain when Your Little One is Teething

There are several other things you can do to relieve pain when your little one is teething, namely:

  • Gently massage your little one's gums.
  • Give your little one a special toy that is safe to bite.
  • Give cold snacks, likefinger food which has been cooled.
  • Continue to breastfeed or give your little one formula milk as much as he wants.

Massaging the gums and giving them a cold treat can reduce swelling of the gums as the baby's teeth grow. Besides being safer, this method is actually more effective than giving a necklaceteetheryou know, Bun.

If your little one is still fussy and looks in pain even though you have implemented the above method of dealing with baby teething complaints, you should consult a doctor so that a pain reliever that is safe for babies can be given.