5 Benefits of Vitamin C for Breastfeeding Mothers

There are various benefits of vitamin C for breastfeeding mothers, ranging from increasing endurance, repairing damaged body tissues, to reducing the risk of getting mastitis. For more details, let's see what are the benefits of consuming vitamin C while breastfeeding.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is one type of vitamin that is needed by all people, including breastfeeding mothers. While breastfeeding, Busui needs 120 milligrams of vitamin C per day. These nutrients can be obtained from fruits and vegetables or supplements.

List of Benefits of Vitamin C for Breastfeeding Mothers

When you have just given birth, a mother needs various types of nutrients to restore the body's condition and produce breast milk properly. These various nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fats, as well as vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C.

What are the benefits of vitamin C for breastfeeding mothers? Following are some of them:

1. Strengthen the body's resistance

The first benefit of vitamin C for breastfeeding mothers is that it can increase endurance. With a strong immune system, Busui's body will be stronger against germs and viruses that cause disease, so it's not easy to get sick.

In addition, vitamin C is also one type of antioxidant that plays an important role in counteracting the effects of free radicals.

The presence of vitamin C when breastfeeding is very important, because if Busui is sick, the baby's breastfeeding process will be disrupted. In fact, if Busui is sick, for example because of the flu or COVID-19, it is not impossible for the disease to be transmitted to the baby.

2. Increases iron absorption

Another benefit of vitamin C for nursing mothers is to help increase iron absorption. Research reveals that iron absorption in adults who regularly meet vitamin C intake can increase by about 67%.

This benefit is very good for breastfeeding mothers. Busui needs to know that when breastfeeding, the breast milk that Busui produces will contain iron which is obtained from Busui's own body. If Busui does not get enough iron intake, Busui's body can become iron deficient and become anemic. you know.

3. Supports healthy and strong bones and teeth

During pregnancy, hormonal changes in the body can cause teeth and gums to hurt and bleed easily. This problem can also occur up to a few days or weeks after delivery.

So, in order to maintain healthy bones and teeth, it is important for Busui to brush their teeth regularly and have adequate intake of nutrients, such as vitamin C. These nutrients are also good for strengthening bones and joints in Busui's body.

4. Repair damaged body tissues

Vitamin C also has benefits in repairing damaged body tissues. During childbirth, the body can experience various injuries, for example due to a tear in the birth canal, an episiotomy, or the shedding of the placental tissue in the uterus.

To support the body's recovery process from these various kinds of injuries, Busui requires adequate nutritional intake, such as protein, iron, and vitamin C. Not only good for mothers who gave birth normally, vitamin C is also good for mothers who gave birth by caesarean section.

5. Reduce the risk of mastitis

Not a few breastfeeding mothers complain of having mastitis or inflammation of the breast tissue. This condition can interfere with the breastfeeding process because it causes pain in the breast.

To overcome this, Busui is recommended to continue breastfeeding her little one as often as she wants, do breast massage to smooth the flow of breast milk, drink enough water, and eat foods high in vitamin C.

Research shows that vitamin C can reduce the risk of breastfeeding mothers experiencing mastitis, but the benefits of vitamin C on this one still need to be studied further.

In addition, Busui can also take painkillers, if the pain that Busui feels is unbearable. However, before using the drug, you should consult a doctor first, yes.

Thus information on the benefits of vitamin C for breastfeeding mothers that Busui needs to know. Given that there are many benefits for health, Busui don't forget to get enough vitamin C intake, OK?

This nutrient can be obtained by Busui from various fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C, such as oranges, strawberries, guava, kiwi, lemon, lychee, broccoli, potatoes, peppers, chilies, and spinach. In addition to getting it from food, Busui can also get vitamin C from supplements.

If Busui intends to get the benefits of vitamin C from supplements, you should first consult with your doctor to find out the type and dosage of supplements that suit Busui's needs. That way, the benefits of vitamin C for breastfeeding mothers can be obtained optimally and without the risk of side effects.