Health Insurance, It's Important To Have It Now

Having health insurance from a young age is important. This is because in addition to being able to provide protection for future health, insurance can also reduce medical costs when you or your beloved family are stricken with certain diseases or health problems.

Maybe some young people still think that they will continue to be healthy and far from disease, so they are less interested when offered health insurance products. In fact, disease can strike anyone regardless of age, including serious diseases such as stroke and heart disease.

If at any time you are sick and require large medical expenses, but do not have health insurance, this will certainly be a burden because the cost of treatment can be so large.

Reasons for the Importance of Having Health Insurance

Here are some reasons behind the importance of having health insurance from now on:

  • Get direct access to treatment when you have an accident or certain disease, such as cancer
  • Provides your protection from high and unexpected medical expenses
  • Minimize expenses when you or a family member falls ill
  • Usually the amount of premiums that need to be paid is relatively smaller compared to those who have just started insurance at an advanced age

In addition, some private insurers also have policies that cover costs for routine health checks or health check-ups medical check-up. This is an important examination to detect any health problems early so that they can be treated more quickly.

If you don't have health insurance yet, you can start checking your choice of insurance products and looking for information related to their benefits from now on.

Get to know Health Insurance from the Government

National Health Insurance-Indonesian Health Cards (JKN-KIS) is the name of government insurance organized by the Social Security Administering Body (BPJS).

All Indonesian residents are required to become JKN-KIS participants, including foreigners who have worked for at least 6 months in Indonesia and have paid dues. JKN-KIS is known as health insurance that has low and affordable fees.

Usually every company has included its employees in JKN-KIS by BPJS Health. Those of you who have this card can access health services at certain hospitals or clinics that work with BPJS.

However, for those of you who do not work at the company and are not yet a member of BPJS, here are some steps you can take:

  • Register online on line or come to BPJS offices by filling out forms and showing family cards and identity cards (KTP/SIM/KK/Passport).
  • Prepare photos for the purpose of complete documents or upload photos if done via on line.
  • Select the health facility (faskes) to be used. Make sure the selected health facility cooperates with BPJS Health services.
  • open e-mail for account confirmation, after that you will get a BPJS virtual account as a condition for paying dues.
  • Provide confirmation of payment of contributions to the BPJS. After that, a new JKN-KIS card was given to participants.

You can find out the terms and conditions of BPJS by accessing the official website of the Social Security Administering Body (BPJS) for Health.

Private Health Insurance

If the health facilities from the office or BPJS health do not meet your needs or expectations, you can consider registering for private health insurance.

Compared to government insurance or BPJS, private health insurance usually reduces the cost of premiums more, depending on the package or needs taken.

Given the large number of private health insurance, it is important to understand or ask in more detail about insurance products, benefits, and terms and conditions.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a private health insurance product:

  • Check carefully what products are covered by the insurance company. We recommend that you choose insurance that covers all health costs, because usually the costs of surgery and drugs are the most expensive.
  • Choose insurance whose premium is according to ability or budget. Some insurance agents will usually recommend packages or products according to your income.
  • Make sure you know the doctor or hospital that works with the selected health insurance. Also make sure that doctors and hospitals are within reach of where you live.
  • Choose an insurance agent that you can rely on when you are sick and need to file a medical expense claim.
  • Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the private insurance you want to choose. If necessary, ask for more details regarding the policies, procedures, or services offered.

Besides, it doesn't matter if you compare several private insurance products before choosing one. This is actually important so that you know more about the advantages and disadvantages of each product, and get insurance options that suit your needs and abilities.

After understanding the importance of having health insurance as explained above, start to register insurance for those of you who don't have it and your family. By taking advantage of health insurance, of course you will not worry when you have to incur unexpected costs due to falling sick.

If you are still confused about the various choices of health insurance products, it is okay to ask for input from a doctor or someone who understands this so that you can get a recommendation for health insurance that suits your conditions and needs.