6 Signs You're Ready to Have Kids

For married couples, getting a baby is something to look forward to. However, having children requires readiness, not only in terms of material but also psychologically. What are the signs that someone is ready to have children? Let's look at the following article.

Once the Little One is born into the world, you are also born as a parent. Being a parent means being ready with all the responsibilities in caring for and educating children. You must be able to put aside the ego because there is a Little One who depends completely on you.

Signs You're Ready to Have Children

There are several signs that indicate that a person is mentally and emotionally ready to become a parent, namely:

1. Happy with small children

When you see a baby or small child, you spontaneously immediately approach and want to invite him to play. Wow, this might be a sign that you want and are ready to have a baby.

2. Ready for your time divided

3. Focus on a divided career

Having children does not always require you to stop your career, but it can certainly have an impact on career advancement. You can no longer work overtime until midnight at the office, because your little one needs you at home.

So, ask yourself, do you still want to stay focused and have ambitions in the career world, or are you ready to divide your time and concentration to take on the role of a parent. If needed, are you ready to leave your position to fully accompany the child? If the answer is yes, then you are ready to have children.

4. Lifestyle Change

You start changing your lifestyle to be healthier, such as quitting smoking, staying away from alcoholic beverages, and paying attention to nutritional intake to welcome pregnancy. This has to be done since you are planning a pregnancy, and continues throughout the pregnancy until the baby is finally born.

5. Harmonious household conditions

A harmonious household does not mean a perfect household. However, your relationship with your husband must be in good condition so that you are ready to work together in raising and educating your little one, as well as giving him love.

Make sure there are no serious problems in the household, such as financial constraints, infidelity, domestic violence, or problems in sexual relations and communication.

6. Be financially ready

After the child is born, you need to think about health costs (immunization, pediatrician control, emergency savings when sick), milk, food, diapers, and education. You and your partner must at least have sufficient savings or monthly income to meet the needs of your little one.

Having children is both a joy and a challenge for every parent. There is no school for being a good parent. Therefore, you must have the awareness to continue learning.

You can attend various seminars parenting, or childcare and parenting classes, to enrich your knowledge as a parent. If you are ready, you and your partner can consult a gynecologist to start a pregnancy program. But if you feel you haven't, you can start preparing yourself first and join the family planning program.