Little One Refuses to Go to School? This is how to persuade him

Child refuses to gogoing to school can be a thing which is quite confusingfor parents. However, if Mom and Dad apply some of these tips, your little one will actually so enthusiasm for school.

Children who do not want to go to school can be caused by several things, for example being a victim of bullying (bully) at school, watching bully which makes him excited, has difficulty with certain subjects, has problems with the teacher, is afraid to be asked to write on the blackboard, or is reluctant to do assignments that he finds difficult.

How to persuade children to want Go to school

Your child may refuse to go to school citing a stomachache, dizziness, or headache. If this is the case, Mother and Father should first confirm the condition of the Little One, and if necessary, check with the pediatrician.

However, if your little one refuses to go to school without being sick, Mom and Dad can do the following ways to persuade him to go to school:

1. Invite childtalk

The first thing Mom and Dad can do to deal with your little one who refuses to go to school is to talk to him. Ask him what makes him not want to go to school, for example if there is something that scares him at school.

Listen to your child's explanations without judging or belittling the reasons. After that, Mom and Dad can find a solution. Reassure your little one that he can handle this and everything will be fine. Don't forget to tell him that Mom and Dad will always be there to help him.

2. Give child present

If your little one doesn't want to go to school either, Mom or Dad might be able to lure him a gift. No need for a big or expensive gift, just give a simple gift, such as his favorite food or an allowance to play gadgets after school.

3. Givetell the kidsthat there are a lot of fun things that can be he do at school

Mom and Dad can tell your little one that there will be lots of fun things he can do at school, such as chatting with friends, studying his favorite subject, and playing with friends during recess. That way, your little one will be excited to go back to school.

After the Little One finally wants to go to school, Mom and Dad can ask the teacher about what might cause the Little One to refuse to go to school. Ask if there is anything that scares him or if a friend is bothering him at school.

nowHere are some ways to persuade children to go to school. So, Mom and Dad, don't be confused anymore when your little one doesn't want to go to school, let alone scold him.

However, if every day your little one is always reluctant to go to school and it takes a lot of effort to persuade him, especially if he always looks gloomy, sad, scared, or becomes delirious and has trouble sleeping well, you should check your little one with a psychologist.