Versatile Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly has long been used to treat various problems, from dry skin to make-up residue on the face.

Despite the word jelly, petroleum jelly is not food and not to be eaten. Petroleum jelly is a mixture of mineral oil and wax (wax) to form a semisolid fatty substance. The shape is like balsam, slippery, and sticky. Petroleum jelly is even suggested to be one of the things that must be in the first aid kit at home. This is of course because of its many uses. Anything? Let's see.

Moisturizer for dry skin

One of the widely known benefits of petroleum jelly is that it helps maintain skin moisture and treats dry skin. Dry skin is caused by a loss of water in the top layer of the skin. Emollients or moisturizers such as petroleum jelly function to form a layer of oil on the top of the skin to hold the water in the skin from evaporating. As a single raw material, petroleum jelly is also very gentle on the skin. American Academy of Dermatology even recommends it as a dry skin reliever for all areas of the body. And because it's so safe and affordable, petroleum jelly can be used frequently.

Overcome dry and chapped lips

Lack of drinking, such as when you are fasting, can make your lips dry. If your lips are dry and chapped, drink plenty of water and help treat it with petroleum jelly. Not only that, it is also recommended not to lick and bite your lips, and avoid excessive sun or wind exposure.

Dry nose and prevent nosebleeds

Dry air and skin can cause nosebleeds. To keep the inside of the nose moist, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly using cottonbud into the nostrils three times a day.

Overcoming cracked feet

Uneasy when you have to take off your shoes in front of a crowd because of cracked heels? Petroleum jelly can be a great way to restore moisture to cracked heels. To treat cracked feet, try applying petroleum jelly at night before going to bed. Then, put on comfortable socks and leave it overnight.

Overcoming baby diaper rash

After bathing, apply petroleum jelly as a protective material that coats your baby's skin to avoid and reduce irritation to the diaper, so that the problem of diaper rash that often appears and recurs in babies can be handled.

Remove eye makeup

make up or makeup is most effectively removed with oil and petroleum jelly which is believed to be safe for use in the eye area. To feel the benefits of petroleum jelly on this one, apply petroleum jelly using cotton bud or cosmetic cotton and gently remove eye makeup.

Overcoming split ends

Petroleum jelly can reduce split ends and add shine to your dull looking hair. The trick, rub a little petroleum jelly between the palms and apply to the ends of the hair.

If your skin and lips are dry, don't bother looking for a remedy. Just apply this multi-purpose petroleum jelly. Do not forget to be supported by maintaining a healthy lifestyle such as drinking lots of water, eating healthy foods, exercising regularly and getting enough rest. However, if the complaint does not go away or is accompanied by disturbing physical complaints such as weakness, sores, pus, or excessive itching, visit a doctor for further treatment, yes.