Pay attention to these things when shaving hair

The routine of shaving hair has become a part of life. men in general, setiap one or two months very, depending on each individual, frequent visits barbershop to tidy up her hair. Use of razorsrHair and various related treatments not only affect the appearance, but also the health of the hair and scalp.

After shaving, usually a person's appearance can look completely different from before. In fact, several studies have shown that men who shave their hair can make them appear more dominant and masculine.

Considerations Before Shaving

Shaving hair is also an art. Do not just shorten your hair because the results may not match the shape of your head or face, it can even interfere with the health of your scalp. Therefore, there are several things to consider first, namely:

  • Consultation with pshave or penata rwelcome

Shaving your hair changes your appearance and makes you look fresher, cleaner, and even taller and stronger. These impressions depend on the shape of the hairstyle that is adapted to the shape and type of scalp. If previously still confused to determine it, you can ask the barber or hair stylist to get a choice of shaving results as you want.

  • choose wthe act that thurry

There are some people who don't like waiting in line at the barbershop and prefer to shave themselves. If you are a person with this type, it is advisable to be more careful in choosing a hair shaver. Before actually shaping the hairstyle, use scissors to cut your hair first. When the hair is short, then shape it with the desired model using a razor. The best time to shave your hair is after you're done showering. The scalp needs to be moist and clean when shaving, this is to facilitate the shaving process and avoid cuts after shaving the hair.

  • Take note puse razor and krim cmeasuring

When shaving, you can use shaving cream which is usually used to shave facial hair. Choose those intended for 'sensitive skin' to help reduce irritation on the scalp after the shaving process.

Make sure you use a new razor blade, both when shaving at the barber and when shaving your hair yourself. A new razor will work better and reduce the risk of folliculitis.

  • Starting from sthe contents that tlook jelas

Some people have an asymmetrical head shape. Hair clippers are not always in accordance with the shape of the scalp. Therefore, if you shave your own hair, it is advisable to do it in front of a mirror. Start by shaving the hair on the front and sides of your head. Be careful when shaving parts of the head that are not visible, even when using a mirror. Try to position the body as comfortably as possible so that the shaving process runs safely.

There is no need to rush in shaving your hair, and avoid shaving several times in one area only, so that the scalp is protected from cuts or irritation from being hit by a razor.

  • Consider hwater clipper

Also consider using an electric shaver. Hair clippers that can be hair clipper. The way this tool works is driven by an electric motor. This shaver is different from ordinary hair clippers. The advantage is that it is easier to use for shaving hair that is close to the scalp.

  • Maintenance pasca bshave

Even though you have shaved your hair, you still have to pay attention to the health of your hair and scalp. During and after shaving, apply moisturizer to the scalp. The goal is to soothe the skin from irritation that may occur. When just finished shaving, the scalp also often experiences discomfort accompanied by a reddish color. You can overcome this by using a skin cleansing cream that contains benzoyl peroxide.

Protect your head and scalp, especially if you shave it completely. Apply a cream containing sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 on the scalp and avoid direct sunlight. Alternatively, you can wear a hat when you are outdoors.

Shaving your hair using the right razor and according to the shape of your head can improve your appearance. However, do not let you ignore the health condition of the scalp and hair after shaving.