Don't Panic, Know First Aid for Gunshot Victims

Gunshot wounds occur when a person caught shoota firearm. Gunshot wounds must be treated appropriately and immediately, so that the lives of gunshot victims can be saved.

Gunshot wounds come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the velocity of the bullet. Because gunshot wounds can be dangerous and fatal, first aid must be given to the victim immediately.

Help for Gunshot Victims

Despite being careful with firearms, unexpected situations can sometimes trigger a shootout. When there are riots, terrorist threats, and criminal incidents, gunfights are sometimes unavoidable and often result in gunshot wounds.

Those of you who are in this situation must immediately escape to a safer place. If there are people around you who are victims of gunshot wounds, as much as possible take them to a safe place and provide first aid while waiting for medical help to arrive.

The first aid you can give to a gunshot wound victim is:

1. MempPosition the victim's body correctly

Once in a safe location, ensure that the conscious gunshot wound victim is seated or lying down in a comfortable position. If the gunshot wound is above the waist, don't raise your leg high as this will cause the blood to flow more rapidly from the wound.

2. Contact the police and the nearest hospital

After making sure the surrounding environment is safe and the victim's position is comfortable, immediately call the police or the nearest hospital to inform them of the shooting and the victims of gunshot wounds. Ideally, gunshot wounds should receive medical attention within 10 minutes of being shot.

3. Stop bleeding

While waiting for medical help to arrive, stop the bleeding from the gunshot wound. You can stop the bleeding by applying pressure to the bleeding area. Use gauze to apply pressure and bandage the gunshot wound to allow the bleeding to subside. If gauze is not available, you can use a piece of clean cloth to use.

If the gunshot wound is in the chest area, cover the wound with clean plastic. The goal is to prevent air from entering the chest cavity, which can prevent the lungs from inflating. However, if the victim experiences shortness of breath after the procedure, remove the plastic cover immediately.

4. Perform CPR prosedur

If you have received training and know how to perform CPR (ccardiopulmonary rresuscitation), provide assistance with this technique if the gunshot wound victim stops breathing and his heart stops beating.

You can take the above steps as first aid for gunshot wounds. If possible, immediately take the victim to the nearest hospital emergency room for treatment.