Is it true that menstruation makes breast milk drag and what is the solution?

When the monthly guest comes, how come milk production suddenly so little huh? Is it true that menstruation can make breast milk drag? Instead of worrying about it, come on, see the explanation here, Bun.

If you breastfeed your baby directly from the breast, maybe you won't realize that menstruation makes milk production decrease. Try to experiment with pumping breast milk when your period comes. It can be seen that the amount of breast milk contained in the bottle is less.

How Menstruation Can Make Breast Milk Production Decrease?

The menstrual cycle can indeed affect milk production. During menstruation, the hormones in the mother's body will experience changes. One of them is the hormone estrogen.

This hormone is able to suppress the production of breast milk, so the amount becomes less than when not menstruating. However, you don't need to worry, because this only happens for a few days. how come.

In addition to the decreased number, menstruation can also affect the taste of breast milk you know, Bun. During menstruation, the levels of sodium and chloride in breast milk will increase, while levels of potassium and lactose (sugar in milk) will decrease. This causes the breast milk to taste saltier and less sweet than when you are not menstruating.

How to increase the amount of breast milk during menstruation

If you are worried about the volume of breast milk during menstruation, you can apply the tips below to increase breast milk:

1. Consumption of foods or drinks that can increase breast milk

Foods and drinks that contain oats, fenugreek, and peanuts almonds believed to increase milk production. Even so, also consume other foods that are rich in nutrients.

2. Increase fluid intake

So that the amount of breast milk remains large, you must meet your fluid needs every day. Try to always drink water before and after breastfeeding or pumping breast milk.

3. Improve your diet

Diet can also affect how much or how little milk comes out. Choose foods rich in iron, such as red meat and green leafy vegetables.

4. Breast massage before breastfeeding or pumping

You can try massaging your breasts before breastfeeding or pumping. Use essential oils with a calming lavender scent. If the mother is comfortable and relaxed, then the milk supply can increase, you know.

5. Take supplements

If the amount of breast milk decreases significantly during your period, you can also try taking calcium and magnesium supplements before and during your period. This supplement is believed to increase the volume of breast milk.

You need to know that menstruation is not the only cause of decreased breast milk. Decreased breast milk can also be caused by health problems, an unhealthy lifestyle, the use of certain drugs, or fatigue.

If you have done the tips above but the amount of breast milk is still low, try consulting an obstetrician or lactation consultant. In addition, increase the time alone with your little one so that mood Mother gets better, so the volume of breast milk can increase.