Reasons The First 2 Years Of Marriage Are So Important For The Future

The first two years of marriage are often regarded as an important period that determines the future of a marriage. This period is even touted as a period of high divorce risk.

Regardless of the length of time dating, the key to the success or failure of a marriage is believed to lie in the first 2 years. Several studies have also shown that couples who do not get through this period well are more at risk of experiencing problems in their marital relationship in the future.

Various Challenges in the First 2 Years of Marriage

Here are various factors that are often a challenge in the first 2 years of marriage:

1. Failed to anticipate conflict

In the first 2 years of marriage, there are many new important things that must be faced together, ranging from sharing household tasks, raising children, managing finances, dealing with in-laws, taking time to have sex, going on vacation, to discussing the goals of living together.

Although important, many couples delay or even avoid the topic of conversation, which can lead to conflict later on and fail to anticipate it.

2. Depressed by partner's family relationship

Marrying a partner also means making someone a part of his extended family.

Some people may feel accepted, but others may feel pressured by the new expectations or norms in their partner's family. If you fail to deal with it, this can have an impact on married life.

3. Loss of intimacy

Closeness or intimacy with a partner will make each feel that his partner is the one who can understand him the most. If this closeness is lost, the marriage will be difficult to survive in the face of various problems.

Several studies have also shown that the main cause of divorce is the loss of love between partners in the first 2 years of marriage.

4. Financial problems

Financial problems are also one of the challenges that most young couples have to face, especially in the first 2 years of marriage. If you have problems managing money, you and your partner may argue about money more often.

This difference in the way of managing money between the two partners can have a negative impact on the continuity of the marriage.

Tips for Strengthening Foundations in the First 2 Years of Marriage

Many people forget that marriage is not just a romantic relationship, but also requires commitment and effort.

In the early days of marriage, especially the first 2 years of marriage, cooperation between husband and wife is needed to form a solid household foundation in order to avoid this happening marriage burnout at a later time. To help make that happen, here are some tips:

  • Maintain closeness with your partner, for example scheduling special time for the two of you on the sidelines of each other's busyness
  • Maintain good communication, for example speaking honestly and openly, understanding each other, discussing the division of tasks and obligations, and how to resolve conflicts that will be faced
  • Seek advice on marital relationships from good sources, such as marriage books, parents, or marriage counselors

Every marriage has its ups and downs and it can be difficult at any time. However, with a solid foundation in the first 2 years of marriage, domestic life is expected to remain stable, even in difficult times.

So, come on, manage your relationship in the first 2 years of marriage so that it becomes a solid foundation in facing challenges in the future.

If you have trouble, don't hesitate to ask for help from a psychologist who specializes in dealing with marriage problems. A psychologist can help you and your partner look at problems objectively and suggest solutions to maintain your marriage.