Recognizing the Signs of an Unfaithful Man

Infidelity often causes a rift in the relationship between husband and wife. Before the affair happened, come on recognize the signs of an unfaithful man.

Research shows about 25-40% of married couples have faced infidelity in their domestic life. Several studies have shown that men are more likely to cheat than women. It's just that the type of affair between men and women may be different. Men tend to consider intimate interactions with women not an infidelity experience if they do not involve emotions.

Unfortunately, a happy marriage does not guarantee a man to be faithful. It is not impossible for a man who claims to be happy in his marriage to have an affair.

Signs of an Unfaithful Man

Here are some signs a man may be having an affair or being unfaithful:

  • Drastic change

    Watch out if your partner makes a surprising change. For example, all this time he prefers to wear t-shirts at home while watching television in his spare time, but suddenly he is diligent in shaping his body gym and dress trendy. Or, if your normally inattentive partner becomes very critical of you. On the other hand, if suddenly your partner gives you excessive attention or gifts, then you should be wary.

  • Spending a lot of time outdoors

    Couples claim to have new business or hobbies and are willing to spend hours or days outside the house. But if you ask about his new business or hobby, your partner will be angry or reluctant to answer. In addition, partners will be difficult to communicate with and easily offended.

  • Sex life changed

    Cheating partners can also be recognized if your sexual relationship is dead, there is no intimacy, or even he wants to try new things. You should also be suspicious if you suddenly get a sexually transmitted disease (STD) after having sex with a partner.

  • Money problem

    Spending money or savings is reduced, there are confusing credit card bills, the spouse suddenly orders plane tickets and hotels, are some possible signs if your partner is having an affair.

  • Closed and more often use cell phones, computers, or social media

    Having an affair on line it's happening more and more now. Beware if your partner hides e-mail or his social media accounts, or when suddenly his cellphone or laptop uses password.

    In addition, you should also pay closer attention if your partner seems to spend more time with their cellphone or laptop. Or your partner tries to stop the activity if you are nearby.

  • Does not matter

    No matter what you do, your partner doesn't show any signs of jealousy. In addition, spouses tend not to care about children, forgetting important days like anniversary weddings and birthdays, and seem bored with you.

If you have certain suspicions about your partner, avoid spying. Talk about your suspicions and fears. Communication is the foundation of a good relationship. In addition, it is important for couples to trust each other so that the relationship remains harmonious. If necessary, you and your partner can consult a psychologist for marriage counseling if you feel something is up in your household relationship.