Steps to Clean a Breast Pump that Mothers Need to Know

For mother who is breastfeeding, pump breast milk (ASI) or breast feed pump not a stranger anymore. Not only method using it, you need to know, how to take care of the cleanliness of the breast pumpalso important.  

Although it looks simple, a breast pump that is not cleaned properly can increase the baby's risk of infection Cronobacter (an infection that can increase the baby's risk of developing meningitis). Therefore, come on, find out how to clean the breast pump.

Keeping the Breast Pump Clean

Before cleaning the breast pump, don't forget to read the instruction manual of the product, so you know which parts need to be washed or just cleaned.

In addition, the following steps can be taken when cleaning the breast pump:

  • Wash hands with running water and soap until completely clean, before handling the breast pump.
  • Clean the outside of the breast pump with an anti-bacterial wet tissue.
  • Prepare a basin of warm water and soap to place all parts of the breast pump. Avoid placing the bottle in the sink, as this can increase the risk of the bottle being contaminated with germs.
  • Clean the breast pump one by one with a special brush that is only used for cleaning baby equipment.
  • Rinse all parts of the breast pump with warm water for about 10-15 seconds.
  • Dry the breast pump with a tissue, towel, or cloth. Do not use a towel or cloth that has been used because it can make the breast pump contaminated with germs.

In addition, you can also clean the breast pump using a washing machine. But before that, first read the method in the product use and care guide, so that you know which parts can be cleaned with a washing machine.

Follow the steps above to clean the breast pump, and don't forget to clean it after each use. To keep the breast pump free from germs, you can also sterilize it by boiling the breast pump for about five minutes.