Itchy Skin Like Insect Bites During Pregnancy, Possibly Due to Prurigo

Itchy skin is a complaint that is quite often experienced by pregnant women (pregnant women). If the itchy skin is accompanied by bumps like insect bites, pregnant women may have prurigo.

Prurigo is one of the health problems that pregnant women can experience in the second or third trimester. Prurigo in pregnancy (prurigo of pregnancy) usually in the form of small bumps scattered on the body of pregnant women. Prurigo can occur on the shoulders, abdomen, and legs.

Prurigo during pregnancy can be caused by dry skin, stretching of the skin, and changes in immune system function during pregnancy. In addition, increased blood pressure, rapid weight gain, a family history of prurigo, and a first pregnancy or twin pregnancy also increase the risk of developing prurigo during pregnancy.

Various Ways to Overcome Prurigo during Pregnancy

Although disturbing comfort, prurigo does not cause negative effects on the health of pregnant women and fetuses. To overcome this, pregnant women can do the following ways:

  • Compress the itchy skin with cold water.
  • Take a bath with a mixture of baking soda, to reduce itching.
  • Apply a moisturizing cream to treat dry skin. Choose a perfume-free moisturizer and use it regularly.
  • Wear clothes with materials that easily absorb sweat, such as cotton.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing to reduce the risk of skin irritation from friction.

If necessary, the doctor can give pregnant women antihistamines to relieve itching and creams containing steroids to relieve inflammation. Remember, don't just use drugs without consulting your doctor first, pregnant women. Also avoid scratching the itchy skin, because it can cause irritation and sores.

Prurigo usually goes away on its own after delivery. However, if prurigo is accompanied by other symptoms, such as pain, fever, or the skin turns yellow, immediately consult a gynecologist to get the right treatment.