Choosing Cough Medicines for Breastfeeding Mothers that are Safe and Natural

Coughs or colds sometimes make breastfeeding mothers upset. If not treated, worry that the baby will become infected. But if you take medication, you are worried that it will affect your breast milk. If this is the case, you need to be smart in choosing cough medicine for nursing mothers, in order to avoid the dangerous content in the medicine.

Actually, during breastfeeding, you can still take several types of drugs. However, the drug will flow into breast milk in small amounts and can enter the baby's body. This is the reason why breastfeeding mothers should consult the doctor first about the drugs to be consumed.

It's smart to choose cough medicine for breastfeeding mothers and avoid this

Some cough medicines can still be said to be safe for breastfeeding mothers. But, of course you can't just choose cough medicine just like that. There are several drug ingredients that are recommended to be avoided so as not to harm or affect breast milk production.

Drugs that are recommended not to be consumed by pregnant women include aspirin which functions as a pain reliever and guaifenesin which functions as an expectorant (phlegm thinner) to treat coughs with phlegm. Guaifenesin is not recommended because there are no studies on its safety for breastfeeding mothers.

For dry cough medicines containing dextromethorphan, so far there have been no studies confirming the presence of severe side effects in breastfed infants of mothers taking this medicine. However, it is recommended to use this drug in breastfeeding mothers with babies over 2 months of age.

In addition, the type of drug that gives a drowsy effect because it contains antihistamines should also be avoided by nursing mothers. The same is true for decongestants (nose blockers) which are often found in cold medicines. The combination of antihistamines and decongestants, which are commonly found in cough and allergy medications, is thought to reduce milk production. However, further research is needed to prove this conjecture.

Avoid cough medicines that contain potassium iodide as an expectorant in cough medicines. This medicine may be absorbed into breast milk. Repeated consumption can increase the risk of inhibition of thyroid function in infants. The effect is more dangerous in newborns or less than a month old.

Natural Ways to Cure Cough

Don't panic when you have a cough. Mothers can do several natural ways to relieve coughing while breastfeeding. For example, by drinking enough mineral water, getting enough rest, doing steam therapy, and gargling with salt water.

Mothers can also try a natural concoction of warm water mixed with honey and lemon juice. Even if you want to take medicine, it is better to consult with your doctor first.

Still afraid to take medicine but want to get well soon? If resting and drinking water is not enough, don't worry. The following are some cough medicines for breastfeeding mothers that are safe, natural, and of course you can consume.

  • Honey

    Maybe you have heard before that the benefits of honey can be a natural cough medicine option. Likewise with breastfeeding mothers. The content can be a cough medicine for nursing mothers which is very safe for consumption.

    Mothers can consume it directly or mix it with warm tea. In fact, if mixed with warm herbal tea or lemon juice, honey will be more effective at soothing the throat.

  • Pineapple

    Not only honey, pineapple can also be a cough medicine for nursing mothers that is safe for consumption. The reason is, pineapple contains bromelain which is thought to help remove mucus from the throat, and relieve coughs.

  • Probiotics

    Probiotics are good bacteria that are usually found in fermented beverage products, such as yogurt. This content can provide a number of health benefits. Probiotics don't work directly to get rid of coughs, but they can support immune system function by balancing the bacteria that live in the gut. Even so, you also have to be careful in consuming it. Because if consumed in excess, it can make the phlegm in the throat thicker.

Now you already know that cough medicine for breastfeeding mothers is safe, right? In addition to taking several types of drugs above, you can also take a warm bath to help relieve coughing. A warm bath can help thin or reduce the fluid in the nose that also affects coughing.

Coughing pain while breastfeeding can be excruciating. However, Mothers are advised to remain wise in choosing cough medicines for breastfeeding mothers that are safe for consumption. If some of the methods above do not work, immediately consult a doctor for further treatment.