These are the characteristics of a healthy relationship

Healthy relationships are not judged by how often they spread romance, nor are they judged by the length of time they spend together. Then, like what? the hell healthy relationship? Come on, know the answer here.

Healthy relationships are an important part of life. People with healthy social relationships tend to be in good physical and mental condition, behave well, and have a low risk of death. In a study also mentioned that people who have healthy and romantic relationships have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

These are the characteristics of a healthy relationship

Basically, the benchmark for healthy relationships for each person can be different. This is because each individual has different needs and will change with age. So, the pattern of relationships that you think is healthy when you are in your 20s may not necessarily be the same when you are in your 30s.

Even so, there are several characteristics that can indicate that the relationship you are in is a healthy relationship, including:

1. Trust each other

The key to a healthy relationship is trusting each other. This trust is not only about honesty in a relationship, but also about a sense of security and comfort that makes a person sure that he will not be hurt physically and mentally.

Trust will usually grow when a partner is well behaved, can always be relied on, and is there in good times and bad.

2. Open to each other

Relationships are said to be healthy if you and your partner are open. You feel comfortable and tell each other the truth when discussing anything, from feelings, to work, to failure, to finances. If there is a difference of opinion, one will listen without judgment, and then express his views.

3. Mutual respect

Mutual respect is important in a healthy relationship. There are many ways to show that you value your partner, for example by always trying to understand his feelings, taking an interest in the work and activities he enjoys, and not putting his opinion down.

In addition, giving the partner time to me time or gathering with friends and family is also a form of appreciating it.

4. Always give support

Support is a form of affection in a relationship. Not only through words, support can also be done in the form of attention and care for your partner.

Examples of forms of support in a healthy relationship are giving him encouraging words, coming at important moments for him, helping him achieve his goals and dreams, and accompanying him when he is at his lowest point.

5. Able to create fun moments

Another characteristic of healthy relationships is that each individual can create fun moments. Laughing together will certainly make mood become better and strengthen the relationship. Pleasant moments are also able to relieve anxiety or tension that is currently engulfing your personal life.

nowHere are some characteristics of a healthy relationship that you need to understand. By knowing it, you can recognize whether your relationship is in a healthy relationship or not. If your relationship is healthy, be grateful and do your best to maintain it.

However, if it's the other way around, you should start talking about it and take a stand. Because unhealthy relationships can have a negative impact on your physical and mental health. you know. If necessary, you can consult a psychologist for the right advice.