Baby Sweats While Sleeping, Is It Normal?

Generally, babies sweat when they are hot, have a fever, or are too active. However, there are also babies who sweat during deep sleep. Is this normal and what, anyway, causes it?

Just like adults, babies can also sweat. Sweating is a natural process that occurs in the body. The fluid released by the skin glands aims to regulate the temperature so it doesn't get too hot. In addition, sweat is also thought to function to maintain healthy skin and the body's ion balance.

Baby Sweating While Sleeping Is Normal

Although it does not happen to all babies, sweating during sleep is experienced by some of them. Actually, baby sweating during sleep is normal and nothing to worry about. how come, Bun.

Also keep in mind that the baby's body temperature regulation system is still developing. In addition, baby sweat glands also tend to be denser than adults. So, babies can indeed seem to sweat more, both during sleep and not.

Some other things that can also cause a baby to sweat while sleeping are:

Phase deep sleep

Babies go through phases deep sleep or a longer phase of deep sleep. In this phase, some babies can sweat more, even to the point of making them sweat.

This is especially true for newborns who spend more time sleeping. If your little one experiences it, there's no need to panic, OK, because this is a normal thing to happen.

Clothes that are too thick

Apart from the sleep phase, other causes of baby sweating during sleep are clothes or blankets that are too thick. This can raise his body temperature. As a result, the baby becomes hot and sweaty.

To avoid this, try to make your little one wear sleepwear made of cotton that can absorb sweat. In addition, just cover him with a thin blanket so that he can sleep warm, without being stifling.

Room temperature is too hot

A room temperature that is too hot can trigger a baby to sweat, be it in the morning, afternoon or evening. If the nursery uses air conditioning, set the air conditioner temperature to around 23–25o Celsius. This temperature is the recommended temperature because it is safe for babies.

It is normal for babies to sweat during sleep, and this condition is more common in boys than girls. Since this is normal, no treatment is required.

However, you need to be careful if your little one is still sweating even though they are in a cool room and wearing thin clothes. There are several diseases in infants that cause symptoms in the form of sweating during sleep, such as hyperhidrosis, congenital heart disease, infection, or diabetes sleepapnea.

If your little one sweats during sleep and you notice other symptoms, such as difficulty breathing or snoring during sleep, difficulty breastfeeding, blue lips, or fever, immediately take him to the doctor for proper examination and treatment.