Ideal 9 Months Baby Weight Based on Gender

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the ideal weight for a 9-month-old baby can be distinguished by gender. But usually, the ideal weight of baby girls tends to be lower than baby boys.

Body weight, height, and head circumference can be used as benchmarks for your little one's growth during their growth and development. To measure a baby's growth, it is necessary to periodically weigh, measure body length, and head circumference. Then the results can be matched into a growth curve according to the age and gender listed in the child's health book.

Ideal 9 Months Baby Weight

In the world of health, there are certain criteria to determine the ideal 9 month baby weight. A healthy baby will show increased growth and development from the first day of life. One of them is an increase in body weight from birth weight measurements.

Refers to the growth curve published by the World Health Organization (WHO). The ideal 9 month baby weight can be distinguished by gender, namely:

Baby girl

The ideal weight of a 9-month-old baby girl is 8−10 kg with a body length of about 70−75 cm, and a head circumference of 41–46 cm.

Baby boy

The ideal weight of a 9-month-old baby boy is 8.5−11 kg, with a body length of 72−76 cm, and a head circumference of 42−47 cm.

9 Months Old Baby Development

Not only paying attention to the ideal weight of a 9-month-old baby, the development of the ability of the Little One is also a benchmark for the growth and development of a 9-month-old baby. The abilities in question include movement or motor skills (both gross and fine motor), speech and language comprehension skills, as well as socialization and independence skills.

Gross motor skills are the baby's ability to lie on their stomach, sit, crawl, stand, and walk. While the baby's eye ability to follow the movement of objects, the ability to hold and grip can be categorized as fine motor.

Speech and language skills can be seen from the number of syllables that the child already knows, and his understanding of what you say. Children's social abilities can be seen from their ability to recognize family members, as well as their response to the environment and new people around them.

To know more clearly the extent of the benchmark, here are some 9 month old baby developments that you need to know:

Motor skills

Babies aged 9 months are usually already active explorers and have a high curiosity. Your little one will love to move, crawl, stand, and walk while holding on to objects around them that can support them.

His fine motor skills are also characterized by the movement of his hands in grasping, pinching, and picking up smaller objects around him.

To stimulate motor skills, you are advised to let your little one stand alone and walk step by step without using footwear. This is done so that the ability of the muscles and muscles of the legs continues to develop.

Speech ability

In general, at the age of 9-12 months, a child can say 2-3 syllables without meaning, for example saying the words "papa", "dada", "baba", or "hi".

In addition, your little one will also understand the words you say more and will try to respond back with words. For example, when you ask, “Where is the ball?” He could already point in the direction of the object in question.

Social skills

The age of 9 months is the peak of the period when your little one is uncomfortable with the presence of other people around him. This will make recreation with your little one less of a hassle, as he or she will need to adjust to meeting new people and new situations. You can help ease this transition by telling the other person to approach it slowly.

Monitoring children's growth and development is useful for detecting problems with their mental and emotional growth and development. So you can find out the development of your little one from time to time, including the possibility of growth and development disorders that he may experience.

Don't forget to regularly weigh your little one regularly. Every child has a different level of growth and development, especially if the little one was born prematurely. So, if a 9-month-old baby's weight is below the ideal number or exceeding the ideal number, you are advised to consult a doctor, especially if other developments are also disrupted.