Pregnancy Makes You Reluctant to Have Sex? Here's How To Overcome It

The pattern of sexual relations between husband and wife can indeed change over time, especially during pregnancy. At this time, there are even couples who feel reluctant to have sex. To overcome this, come on, see the tips in this article.

One of the common reasons that make pregnant women reluctant to have sex is hormonal changes. The hormones estrogen and progesterone that go up and down in pregnant women can cause fatigue, sensitive breasts, and nausea, so sex does not feel comfortable.

Meanwhile, from the husband's perspective, the reason why he is reluctant to have sex when his wife is pregnant is usually because of feelings of worry that can harm the baby, so they choose to hold back.

Is it safe to have sex while pregnant?

Actually, pregnancy is not a barrier for couples to keep having sex. In general, sexual intercourse will not harm the health of the fetus, how come, as long as it is done in a safe manner.

So, the myth about sex causing miscarriage is not true. It should be understood that the baby in the stomach is protected by amniotic fluid and a sturdy uterus.

However, under certain conditions, there are reasons that make Mother and Father have to refrain from having sex first, for example if there is bleeding during pregnancy, abnormalities in the position of the placenta, such as placenta pre, via, or if there is a history of miscarriage. These things can be known from a doctor's examination.

Tips agar Husband and Wife Relationships Stay Warm During Pregnancy

One sex expert argues that couples who don't seek intimacy during pregnancy run the risk of drifting apart after the baby is born. To avoid this, there are several ways that Mom and Dad can do together, namely:

1. Communication

One of the problems why couples are reluctant to have sex during pregnancy is the lack of open communication between partners. So, try to communicate each other's concerns and desires about having sex during pregnancy.

2. Try a comfortable sex position

Mom and Dad can try sexual positions during pregnancy that are comfortable, especially for you. If the position of the woman below is not comfortable, Mother and Father can try other sex positions, such as the woman on top or sideways.

3. Touch each other

Intimacy is not always built only with sexual relations. Mom and Dad can try other ways, such as massaging each other, oral sex, hugging, kissing, or simply doing pillow talk.

4. Plots of rest time

Pregnant women are easily tired because they experience many changes, both hormonal and physical changes. To reduce this fatigue, make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep.

5. Spend the holidays together

Plan babymoon or a vacation together with your husband and the baby in the womb can also be tried, you know. Besides being able to increase intimacy, Mom and Dad's sex drive can appear while on vacation.

6. Keep up appearances

To keep the atmosphere warm, try to always look attractive, Bun. By looking beautiful and attractive, you will also feel more comfortable and confident. As for Father, often praise Mother so that she is confident. Lots, you know, wife who feels ashamed because of her physical changes.

Having sex while pregnant is not something to be avoided. However, if there has been a change in the sex life of Mom and Dad since pregnancy, you can try the ways above to keep it going

By following the tips mentioned above, you don't have to worry anymore about the changes in body shape you experience during pregnancy. Likewise with Dad, don't think negatively about Mother anymore, so that your relationship remains romantic until it's time for the baby to be born.

So that Mom and Dad are calmer about having sex while pregnant, there is nothing wrong with consulting a gynecologist for advice on the safety of sex according to the condition of your pregnancy.