Effective Ways to Calm a Crying Baby

It is normal for babies to cry. However, babies sometimes cry long enough to make their parents worried. To deal with this, there are several ways to calm a crying baby that Mom and Dad can do. Come on, see the explanation!

There are many reasons why babies cry, for example because they are hungry, tired, their diaper is wet, they are cold or hot, bored, or because they are in pain. However, one of the reasons why babies cry more often is because they are not used to living outside the mother's womb.

Therefore, one way to make him feel calm is to create a comfortable atmosphere for the baby, which makes him feel like he is in the womb.

Some Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

There are several ways to calm the baby that parents can do so that the baby is calmer and less fussy, namely:

Swaddling baby

The trick is to place a swaddle or blanket on the baby's body, then fold it slowly until he feels comfortable. However, swaddling a newborn needs to be done with the right technique so that the baby does not feel pain.

Avoid the habit of swaddling the baby too tightly because it can make him feel uncomfortable and interfere with the growth of his body bones, such as the pelvis.

It should also be remembered that swaddling a baby should be stopped when he reaches 2 months of age. This is because at that age, babies begin to learn to roll over so they may feel less comfortable moving when they are swaddled. In addition, the baby is also at risk of suffocating the swaddle when rolling.

Tilt the baby's body

One of the easiest ways to calm a baby is to position the baby to lie on his side. This body position resembles the position of the baby when he was still in the womb. Therefore, when your little one cries, Mom and Dad can try tilting his position so that he feels more calm and comfortable.

However, Mother and Father should not leave him in that position alone, especially if the Little One falls asleep. When the crying starts to subside and he looks like he's drifting off to sleep, lay him back down on his back.

Whispering voice

Whisper hiss' soundssshhhh' slowly and gently on the baby can also make him feel calm. The sound is apparently similar to the sound of blood flowing around the uterus when the baby is still in the womb, so it can make him feel as comfortable as in the womb.

Not only whispering sounds, Mom or Dad can also soothe your little one's cries with other soothing sounds, such as the sound of a heartbeat recording or white noise which is now widely available on digital music platforms. If you want it easier, Mom or Dad can use the sound of running water.

Other Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

Generally, the baby will stop crying and become calmer when he feels comfortable like when he was in the womb. However, if some of the ways above don't work to make your little one feel calm, Mom or Dad can try other ways to calm the baby down:

  • Carry, then rock your little one slowly or use a special baby swing.
  • Give a pacifier or breast milk directly from the mother's breast.
  • Remove the swaddle and clothes, then give your little one a gentle massage.
  • Bathe your little one with warm water.

In essence, Mom and Dad must first determine what makes the Little One uncomfortable. Is he hungry? Is the diaper wet? Or is he getting sleepy?

If the cause that makes your little one uncomfortable is known, but the ways to calm the baby above are not effective in making your little one calm, you should immediately see a pediatrician. Especially if he cries for 3 hours or more a day, has seizures, his skin turns blue, freckles appear, or is pale.

Also take him to the doctor if his crying is accompanied by fever, shortness of breath, wheezing, or refusal to breastfeed. This may be a sign that your little one is sick.