Want Children to Grow Smart? Try Applying These 6 Habits

Every parent wants their child to grow up to be a smart child. However, not a few parents are still confused about finding ways to help their children develop their intelligence. So, want to know how? Come on, see the following discussion.

Every child has different intelligence and talents. Therefore, parents should not compare their children's abilities with other children. It could be a child who is weak in certain areas, but has advantages in other areas.

Therefore, it takes patience from every parent to always accompany the child during their growth and development. In addition, don't force your child to have certain skills so that they are smart in their own way.

Various Tips for Smart Children

There are several ways that parents can do so that their children can grow smart, namely:

1. Give exclusive breastfeeding

A study revealed that breastfed babies have a higher level of intelligence, because the various nutrients in breast milk are known to support brain development and improve brain function in babies.

This can also have an impact on the child's ability to learn and behave when he grows up.

2. Read books regularly

Don't think that reading books to babies is useless. Even if your little one doesn't understand every word you say, reading books from an early age can help his brain develop better.

Children actually have the ability to remember and hear that has been developed since he was born. In fact, reading stories from an early age can teach your little one to love reading later in life.

It doesn't take long or read long stories. Just a few minutes, but quality. You can read him a story while he is going to bed at night. You can also choose books made of cloth, bright colors, or have interesting pictures.

3. Invite children to communicate

Even though your little one is not yet able to speak clearly, he can still understand what you are talking about. Inviting your little one to talk can provoke him to participate in responding to what you are talking about.

Training your little one to speak and speak from a young age can develop their ability to interact and make them less anxious and more confident in the future.

4. Introduce music from an early age

There are studies that state that listening to music can increase your child's creativity. At the age of two months, babies are known to be able to remember short melodies.

Even so, further research is needed to show the link between music and increasing children's intelligence.

5. Invite children to play

Playing not only makes children feel happy, but also trains children's cognitive abilities from birth. You can choose toys that are brightly colored or can make sounds. Physical activity, such as playing soccer can also train hand-eye coordination.

When your little one is 5 years old and over, you can invite him to play in the wild. Not only cognitive abilities, this activity can also train motor skills.

6. Provide nutritious food

In order to support children's brain development, of course it is not enough just to invite them to play while learning. Children need nutritional intake that can improve memory, reasoning, and concentration levels.

Several types of food, such as tuna, salmon, whole grains, nuts, apples, green vegetables, eggs, and milk, are nutritious foods that can help children's brain development.

So that your child is smart doesn't mean you have to give additional tutoring or other similar things. You can support his brain development even since he was still in the womb.

Simple things, such as breastfeeding, playing games, and reading story books, are sometimes unthinkable. In fact, these various activities can improve brain development and educate children.

If you are worried about a child's growth and development problems or want to know more about how to make your child smart, consult a doctor or psychologist to get the right advice according to your child's condition and needs.