Mother, this is a safe way to shave baby's hair

Shaving baby's hair is indeed a challenge for every parent. If not done in the right way and carefully, it can cause harm to the baby. However, you don't need to worry, because there is a safe way of shaving baby's hair that you can try.

There are no specific rules when exactly shaving baby's hair needs to be done. However, for convenience and safety, you can shave your little one's hair after he can hold his head up on his own when hugged or on his lap, which is when he is about 3 months old.

You can shave your little one's hair yourself at home, even though the results may not be perfect. If you are not sure or afraid to do it, take your little one to a special salon for babies and children

Shaving Baby's Hair at Home

If you decide to shave your little one's hair at home, it is recommended to do it between meals and naps so that he doesn't get fussy and cry easily. You can also distract your little one by turning on the television or letting him play with his favorite toy.

The following are the steps you can take when shaving your little one's hair:

  • Use clean, small hair clippers specially designed for babies and children. To be more secure, use scissors with rounded ends.
  • Place the baby in a special baby seat that is equipped with a safety strap, so that he does not move easily. Mothers also ask for the help of a partner or other person to hold, hug, and distract the little one while she is shaving her hair.
  • Spray your little one's hair with a little water to keep it moist and facilitate the shaving process. You can also shave your little one's hair right after bathing him.
  • Cut your little one's hair by pinching the part of the hair to be shaved between the index and middle fingers. Do it little by little or no more than 1 cm on each hair.

If your little one is still crying and restless, don't force him to keep shaving his hair, OK? It's better if you find another time or you can shave your little one's hair while he is asleep.

Tips for Bringing Babies to the Salon

If you decide to shave your little one's hair at a salon, you should take him to a special salon for babies and children. Generally, babies are ready to be taken to the salon when they reach 8 months.

It's just that, your little one might feel scared when he meets people he has never seen before. Not to mention the sound of salon equipment often makes your little one easily startled, giving rise to a scary impression.

However, you need not worry. Mothers can try to apply some of the tips below when taking your little one to the salon:

Give an example

Take your little one to the salon the day before his hair will be shaved. Mothers can show and introduce objects or even people who will shave their little one's hair so that he gets used to the new environment.

You can also give it an example by shaving your hair first at the salon. If he has calmed down, you can ask the hairdresser at the salon to shave your little one's hair.

Choose a salon that provides entertainment facilities

Special salons for children usually provide various media that can entertain the little one, such as films and books for children.

If you find it difficult to find a special salon for children, you can take your little one to a regular salon that can shave babies and children's hair patiently and carefully.

Make preparations fun

Before going to the salon, bring your little one's favorite object or toy. This method can make your little one sit calmer and not fussy. As long as the hair is shaved, you can also invite your little one to talk or tell stories with their favorite doll, so that their attention can be distracted.

In addition, Mother can also give the Little One a gift after the hair is finished. If your little one looks nervous or scared, you can ask him to sit on your lap so that your little one is calmer and the hairdresser can easily shave his head.

Shaving a baby's hair is indeed quite a challenging activity, but it can also be fun. Especially if the results are as expected, so the baby looks neat and more adorable.

If when the baby is shaving his hair, he has scratches or symptoms of allergies, the mother can take him to the pediatrician for examination and treatment.