It's hard to concentrate, here's how to deal with it

Possible you once lack of sleep at night, so this makes it difficult for you to concentrate. Peven though there is still a lot of unfinished office work and homeworkabandoned.

Concentration difficulties can indeed interfere with daily activities, whether in studying, working, or taking care of the household. Understanding the various causes of difficulty concentrating will help you figure out how to deal with it.

Recognizing Various Causes of Difficulty Concentration

Several things can cause a person to have difficulty concentrating, including:

  • Doing multiple tasks at once

    According to experts, multitasking or doing several tasks at the same time, can break concentration. There is an assumption that multitasking can complete more tasks at the same time, but actually it actually takes more time than completing tasks one by one.

  • Not enough sleep

    Sleep plays a role in cognitive processes, namely the process of learning and thinking. Sleep also has the function of uniting various memories. Lack of sleep can interfere with concentration, alertness and problem solving, reduce the span of focus and reasoning power, and difficulty remembering events that happened before.

  • Boring task

    Boring tasks can distract one's concentration. When you are bored with the task you are doing, try to take a short break and do other fun activities. For example, making tea or hot chocolate, eating snacks, or just talking to work friends.

  • Busy with gadgets

    Gadgets can indeed help facilitate daily activities. However, don't use gadgets excessive because it can have a negative impact. Currently, the internet and gadgets is one of the most common distractions. Not a few people miss the bus, train or plane because they are watching too much gadgets.

  • Thinking a lot

    Often a person thinks about several things at once. For example, financial problems, unpleasant conversations with coworkers, and vitamins that must be taken. Many things being thought at the same time can make it difficult for a person to concentrate on the work that must be done. In addition, complaints of difficulty concentrating may also be caused by symptoms of extreme lethargy or fatigue.

Tips to Increase Concentration

Do not let the difficulty of concentration interfere with daily performance. So that your activities can run well, below are some tips that can be done to improve concentration:

  • Focus on one task and limit gadgets

    To make it easier to concentrate, try to be more careful in choosing tasks. Avoid doing something difficult at the same time and set time for internet access or touching gadgets. If you feel the need, move to a work location that does not have internet access for a while.

  • Adequate and regular sleep

    Although lack of sleep can have an adverse effect on concentration, too much sleep can have a negative impact. In order to concentrate optimally, try to get enough sleep at almost the same time every day. If necessary, use an alarm to remind you to go to bed and wake up.

  • Take time to rest

    If it is difficult to concentrate due to boredom, you should interrupt your busy life by walking outside for about 10 minutes, or eating your favorite foods and drinks. This method is effective enough to get rid of boredom, so that concentration will increase again.

  • Eating healthy food

    For optimal concentration, make sure you get food intake with balanced nutrition. Hunger or a strict diet will interfere with concentration. There are several types of foods that can help improve concentration, including oranges, carrots, spinach, and green vegetables.

In order for concentration to remain optimal, don't forget to give your brain enough time to rest. Difficulty concentrating can cause your work to be interrupted. Therefore, try to do fun things to increase your concentration again.