This Juice To Shrink Your Stomach You Should Try

In addition to exercise and diet, you can consume juice to shrink the stomach. Juices made from the following types of fruit are believed to be effective in reducing a distended stomach.

Shrinking the stomach can make you look more attractive, as well as keep you from various diseases. One way you can do to shrink the stomach is to consume juices from various types of fruit.

Choice of Juices to Shrink Stomach

The following are some types of fruit that can be used as juice ingredients to shrink the stomach:

1. Banana juice

To shrink the stomach and get a flat stomach, you are advised to consume bananas or banana juice. Bananas can make you feel full longer and are believed to increase the body's metabolism, so that it can make your stomach smaller.

2. Avocado juice

Eating a quarter or half of an avocado whole or in juice form can help burn belly fat. One study even showed that people who regularly eat avocados have smaller waist circumferences than people who don't eat them.

3. Apple juice

Regular consumption of apple juice can help you lose weight. This is because apples are low in calories and high in fiber, so they can make you feel full longer.

Besides being used as juice, apples can also be consumed whole to reduce hunger and control appetite.

4. Juice pir

Consumption of pears can help burn fat in the stomach. In one study, women who ate three pears a day were better able to control their appetite and lose more weight than women who didn't eat pears.

When processing pears into juice, it is recommended not to peel the skin because the pear skin contains high fiber. You can also consume it whole so that the benefits of the pear will be maximized.

5. Passion fruit juice

The next fruit that can be used as juice to shrink the stomach is passion fruit. Passion fruit that is consumed directly or processed in the form of juice is rich in fiber and vitamins. The fiber content in this fruit can make you less hungry and your appetite is more controlled. This fruit will help you lose weight and make your stomach smaller.

Several types of juice above can help shrink the stomach. It is recommended to make your own juice so that you can measure the sugar, so that the benefits of the juice can be obtained to the maximum. To get more vitamins and minerals, you can add various vegetables or fruits that you like to the juice.

For maximum results, limit calorie intake, consume healthy foods, and do exercise regularly. You can also consult a doctor to get a way to shrink the stomach that suits your health condition.