In order not to fight easily, know 9 things about your husband

Easy suspicious or jealous of husband possiblebecause you not yetunderstand right about men. Because, asome the nature of men who it's a bit difficult for women to understand. Try to understand these things so you can get to know your partner better.

Domestic quarrels are often triggered by misunderstandings. It itself may happen because we do not know well who our partner is. In order to avoid serious problems in marriage only as a result of misunderstanding, come on, know what men really think.

Get to know your husband more deeply

Here are some things that many women may not know about men:

1. Very committed

Men are often labeled as not being committed. In fact, when a man has decided to commit and get married, he is really serious about doing it. He just needed time to determine whether his choice was right or not.

2. Want to have time for himself

Getting married doesn't mean you have to spend time together every day of the week. You need to give him time to himself, like doing his hobbies or hanging out with his friends. Not only husband, you also need to spend time for yourself.

3. Men express love with actions

If your husband rarely says “love” to you, don't immediately assume he doesn't really love or love you. Some men prefer to express their love with action. For example, help clean the house or invite you to dinner together.

4. Easy to forget the problem

You're still upset about the debate that happened last night, and still want to discuss it the next day? Better forget it.

Psychologically, women are more likely to remember and dissolve in things that make them sad or stressed. On the other hand, men are easy to forget and do not want to bring up such things.

5. Less able to read 'code'

Actually a man is happy if he can make his wife happy. For him, it is very important. However, this can be difficult to do if the wife does not convey her wishes directly and clearly.

The reason is, not all men are able to read the "code" that women give. So, from now on, just express all the things that are in your heart clearly to your husband.

6. It's nice to be praised

When your husband has done something to make you happy, give him a compliment. Your appreciation can make him happier and wiser in his actions. In fact, according to a study, husband's involvement in raising children can be increased if his wife gives praise for his efforts.

7. It's not just about sex

It's no secret that men almost always think about sex. However, it can not always be realized in action. The reason is, men are not always ready to have sex, especially if he has a pile of work or other things that make him stressed.

8. It's nice if you ask him to make love first

One of the mistakes women make is not having the courage to invite their husbands to make love first. In fact, men really like it when you do it. Men like to be chased and led by women for this one business. To make your husband more excited, you can seduce him when he wants to be in love.

9. It is important to make him feel loved

You have to be careful when a man feels he is unloved and underappreciated by his partner. He may find satisfaction in other ways. That satisfaction maybe he can get by playing video games does not know the time, works late at night, and does not rule out having an affair.

In essence, the key to a relationship is communication. So from now on, build better communication with your husband. If you and your partner have problems in household matters and find it difficult to find common ground, don't hesitate to consult a psychologist and undergo marriage counseling.