5 Benefits of Reading Books to Children from an Early Age

Not a few parents think that their child is not able to understand if he is read a book. In fact, the benefits of reading books to children from an early age can improve brain development, even their cognitive and language abilities.

Books are the right medium for children to learn many things. Well, one of the activities you can do is read children's books. Not only training your little one to speak, this activity can also stimulate the development of brain function.

Benefits of Reading Books to Children

There are various benefits of reading books to children, including:

1. Get to know vocabulary and concepts

Reading stories to children can increase their vocabulary and improve their communication skills. Studies show that children who regularly listen to stories for the first 5 years, are able to absorb about 1.4 million more vocabularies than children who are not read to books.

In addition to increasing vocabulary, reading books is also able to introduce children to the concept of stories, numbers, colors, letters, and shapes, as well as provide information about what is around them.

2. Improve imagination and creativity

Regularly reading books to children can increase imagination and stimulate creativity. Creativity is very important for developing interests and ideas and helping children manage emotions when they grow up.

3. Stimulate brain function

The more often you read books to your little one, the more active his brain function will be. This is evidenced by research showing that reading stories can stimulate the part of the brain that is connected with language and comprehension skills.

In addition, children who have been accustomed to reading books by their parents since childhood will find it easier to learn to read.

4. Develop children's cognitive or thinking abilities

Reading books to children can also develop children's cognitive abilities. These abilities include attention or attention, memory, use of words, problem solving, and the ability to think logically. This is of course very important in helping children socialize as they grow up.

5. Establish a strong relationship between parents and children

Your relationship with your little one will become closer physically and emotionally by reading books to him. Reading books is a great way to spend time with your child after a busy day.

Not only good for children's growth and development in general, some experts also believe that the benefits of reading for children can also foster a sense of empathy and emotional intelligence.

Therefore, parents are encouraged to spend at least 10 minutes reading a story before the child goes to bed at night.

Tips to make your kids happy when they read a book

The most important thing about the benefits of reading books is the interaction between you and your little one. Well, you are advised not to just read word for word, but to make questions or story illustrations according to the real world.

For example, if a book says blue pants, you can point to the red pants he's wearing and ask, "Do you prefer blue pants or red pants?"

In addition, you can also try other tips so that your little one is interested and happy when a book is read. Here are some tips that you can do:

Choose the right book

The story material that will be read to children can be taken from anywhere, from newspapers, magazines, novels, to writing on packaging. However, make sure you read books according to the age of the child. Children generally like books with pictures and colors that catch their attention.

Because children like to bite things, including books, you are also advised to choose books that are made of soft materials so as not to harm the little one.

Pay attention to the intonation of the voice

Children prefer language that has a rhythm than hearing the contents of the story. So, to make this reading activity more interesting, use a different tone of voice in each word. You can also do word repetition to practice language skills.

Create a calm atmosphere

When doing reading activities with your little one, make it a fun moment. Turn off other sound sources, such as TV, radio, or cell phones so that your little one's concentration is not disturbed.

Even if your little one doesn't understand what you're saying, don't ever think that the habit of reading books is a waste, because your little one can still absorb all the words and information he hears.

The benefits of reading books to children can indeed help their growth and development. However, you are still recommended to check your little one's condition to the doctor regularly to make sure his growth and development is in accordance with his age.