Wide Choice of 11 Months Baby Food

By the time they are 11 months old, babies can already eat more solid foods. Food choices for 11-month-old babies are also more diverse, but don't forget to pay attention to the nutritional content.

Food for an 11-month-old baby must meet the required nutritional standards. Because at this age, babies begin to learn to crawl, stand, and eat on their own so they need a variety of important nutrients that are easy to consume, to support their growth and development.

11 Months Baby Food Choices

At the age of 11 months, babies need about 750 - 900 calories per day. Most of the caloric intake needed by babies at this age comes from breast milk (ASI) or formula milk. In addition to milk, babies aged 11 months can be given solid food to meet their calorie needs.

At this age, babies' sense of taste has begun to develop, so they can be introduced to various types of food that have different tastes. But don't forget to pay attention to the nutritional content. You can provide staple foods as the main source of calories, vegetables and fruit as a source of vitamins, and side dishes as a source of protein.

Various types of nutritious 11 month baby food that you can give, including whole grain cereals, fruit, vegetables, fish, chicken, tofu, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. You can also give baby food 11 months in the form of finger food To stimulate the baby's fine motor development and coordination.

11 Months Baby Food Menu

So that the food provided can be more diverse, here are the inspirations for the 11-month baby food menu, starting from breakfast, lunch, dinner, to healthy snacks.

Breakfast menu

The breakfast menu that can be chosen includes:

  • - cup cereal or hard-boiled egg.
  • - cup diced fruit.
  • 120-200 ml of breast milk or formula.

Have lunch

Some of the 11-month baby food menus that can be given include:

  • Slices of grated cheese (cut into small pieces so baby can eat them easily).
  • Soup stock contains soft vegetables or variations of other fillings such as mashed beans and shredded beef.
  • 120 - 200 ml of breast milk or formula.


For dinner, the menu that can be provided includes:

  • Mashed potatoes topped with cheese and soft vegetables
  • cup diced chicken or tofu.
  • cup fruit.
  • 120 - 120 ml of breast milk or formula.

On the break from breakfast to lunch or between lunch to dinner, you can give healthy snacks. Snacks that can be given include slices of cheese, pieces of vegetables with a soft texture, biscuits or soft-textured biscuits, yogurt and fruit slices.

If your baby is a picky eater or refuses certain foods, don't give up. You should keep introducing these new foods, as some babies take longer to accept the taste and eat certain foods.

In giving baby food 11 months, you are advised not to force the baby to finish the food he consumes. Generally, babies will stop eating when they feel full.

Various choices of baby food 11 months above can be a guide. For information on other food choices that are suitable for your child, consult a pediatrician or nutritionist.