Tai Chi: Its Greatness Is Directly Worth Its Health Benefits

Besides being famous for its defense techniques, Tai Chi martial arts are also believed to be able to maintain health. For decades, Tai Chi has been an effective means of promoting the health of its practitioners.

This form of martial arts is considered a form of meditation movement. Tai Chi or Taijiquan is a martial arts school that originated in China around the 13th century. This flow is considered very good for anyone who wants to achieve physical health as well as peace and inner peace. No wonder, many do it to relieve stress and anxiety, and improve concentration.

Can be done by anyone and anywhere

Unlike other martial arts that seem to rely on physical strength, Tai Chi looks more gentle, slower, and focused on concentration and breathing exercises. This is why sports through martial arts are very suitable for anyone, even the elderly.

Its gentle movement makes muscles and joints not burdened by excessive pressure, so it is good for muscle and joint health. This advantage is also what makes Tai Chi suitable for parents who have been sentenced to be unable to exercise. In fact, for those who suffer from arthritis, Tai Chi can still be done.

Another advantage that this martial art from China has is that it can be done anywhere, because it does not require special equipment when trying to practice it. Not only that, whether it's done indoors or outdoors, individually or in groups, Tai Chi still provides health benefits just as effectively.

Improve Flexibility and Balance

Along with age, the balance of the body and the function of nerve cells will decrease. Tai Chi is able to train the body's balance, while helping to maintain nerve cells to function properly.

Furthermore, gentle Tai Chi movements are a simple way to increase flexibility. In addition, this martial art is an easy way to maintain the vitality of the body. The ease of Tai Chi movements makes the body not require a lot of energy when doing it. Research even shows that the elderly who regularly do Tai Chi exercises are less likely to experience falls and injuries.

The movements in this martial art are not movements that can make the heart beat faster. His calm movements are good for anyone, even professional athletes. For certain needs, Tai Chi exercises can also be combined with aerobic exercise.

Able to Strengthen Muscles

Doing Tai Chi is believed to increase the strength of the upper and lower body. The core muscles located in the back and abdominal areas are the parts that experience strengthening thanks to Tai Chi exercises. Regularly doing Tai Chi movements can be equated with brisk walking and resistance training in strengthening muscles.

In addition to increasing muscle strength, muscle flexibility also increases. The strength and flexibility of these muscles will be useful to make it easier for someone to return to balance when tripping.

Has the Same Benefits as Aerobics

Although synonymous with gentleness, Tai Chi also has movements that require speed and strength. Some of these Tai Chi movements have the same benefits as aerobics. This type of movement is good for those who are advised to do intense cardio training so that the heart rate gets pumped faster.

Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Stress

Several studies have shown that diligently practicing Tai Chi can help lower high blood pressure. Other research says that this martial art can lower cholesterol levels in the body. Based on the results of these two studies, it can be concluded that the routine of doing Tai Chi has a positive contribution to heart health and a reduced risk of heart disease.

For people with diabetes, Tai Chi has the potential to facilitate the management of this disease. This martial arts exercise is predicted to be able to improve blood sugar levels and the immune system in people with type 2 diabetes. It's just that, make sure the exercise is adjusted to the condition of the body.

Another benefit of Tai Chi that should not be missed is its potential to lower stress levels. Several studies have shown that this martial arts movement is effective for treating symptoms of depression and maintaining mental health.

Despite the myriad benefits of undergoing a Tai Chi routine, if you have certain medical conditions, it is advisable to consult a doctor first before doing this exercise. Especially for those of you who are pregnant, have experienced a broken bone, suffer from back pain, hernia, osteoporosis, or have joint problems.