Come on, get used to children drinking water this way

It is important to get children used to drinking water. The reason, water is one of the intake that is needed by the child's body. If your little one finds it difficult to drink water, don't worry, there are several ways you can do so that he gets used to it.

The body needs to have enough fluids to function properly. If children's bodies are dehydrated, they are at high risk of becoming dehydrated. To prevent this condition, make drinking water a good habit for children from an early age.

Amount of Water Needs in Children

You can start getting your little one to drink water from the age of 6 months. Every child's daily fluid needs may vary, depending on their height and weight, age, gender, level of physical activity, and the weather.

However, in general, the amount of fluid needed for children according to the Indonesian Pediatrician Association is as follows:

  • 800 milliliters (ml) or about 2–3 cups for children 7–12 months old
  • 1.3 liters or about 5 cups for children aged 1-3 years
  • 1.7 liters or about 6–7 cups for 4–8 year olds
  • 2.1–2.4 liters or 8–10 glasses for 9–13 year olds
  • 2.3–3.3 liters or about 9–13 cups for children over 14 years old

The size of the glass used in the description above is a starfruit glass or about 200 ml.

How to get used to children drinking water

To get your little one to drink water, there are several ways you can do, including:

1. Provide a drinking bottle that the child likes

So that your little one is interested in drinking water, you can give him a drinking bottle or glass with a cartoon character or his favorite object. In addition, you also need to make sure that the drinking utensils you choose are BPA-free, yes.

That way, your little one can drink happily while remaining safe and healthy.

2. Add ice cubes or sliced ​​fruit

Adding ice cubes with unique shapes, such as stars, sun, hearts, or flowers, into a glass or water bottle can be very fun for children. That way, children become more excited to drink water.

To add color and a little taste, you can also put slices of your little one's favorite fruit into the drinking bottle, such as strawberries, blueberries, cucumber, mint, or cherry.

3. Place the drinking bottle within easy reach

Mothers can start to get used to your little one drinking water by putting the drinking bottle or glass in a place that is easy for the little one to reach.

Don't forget to always bring your little one to drink when you take him out for activities, okay? You can choose a bottle that is practical and doesn't spill easily.

4. Limit your child's drink choices

If water is the only drink available, children will most likely drink it and it can become a daily habit. Therefore, you should get rid of all sweet or fizzy drinks at home and make water the only choice for your little one to drink.

5. Be a role model for children

The important thing to also remember is that you need to be a good example for your little one. Show the water that Mother drinks in front of the Little One. The more often your little one sees you doing that, the more likely he is to do the same.

Those are various tips to get your child used to drinking water that you can apply. If you are still having trouble getting your little one to drink water or he shows symptoms of dehydration, such as dizziness, nausea, headache, dark yellow urine, dry lips, don't hesitate to consult a pediatrician.

In addition to water, you can actually supplement your little one's fluid needs through fruits or vegetables that contain lots of water, such as cucumbers, watermelons, celery, lettuce, tomatoes, and strawberries.