Celery Leaves Can Thicken Baby's Hair, Myth or Fact?

Apart from being a complement to cooking, celery leaves are also often used to thicken baby's hair. It has been a long time since this green leafy vegetable is believed to be able to make thin baby hair thick. Is that a fact or just a myth?

Thick hair can really add to the cuteness of a baby, right? However, unfortunately not all babies are born with thick hair. One of the natural ways that has long been used to make thin baby hair thick, black, and thick is to apply celery leaves to the hair.

Facts about the Benefits of Celery Leaves for Thickening Baby's Hair

To increase the amount of baby hair that is felt to be less or less, old people used to make celery leaves into juice, then apply it to the baby's hair and head as a hair mask. This method is considered effective for thickening baby hair.

Actually this is done not without reason. When viewed from the nutritional content, celery leaves contain vitamins and minerals that can stimulate hair growth, including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, as well as folic acid, and magnesium.

Because of its nutritional content, it is only natural that celery leaves are used as hair fertilizer for generations.

However, this does not mean that the use of celery leaves can make baby's hair grow faster and become thicker. Until now there has been no research that proves that celery leaves can thicken baby hair.

Causes of thin baby hair and how to make it thick

Mothers need to know, whether or not a baby's hair is dense is influenced by several factors, namely genetic factors, differences in hair growth rates, certain hormone levels, and nutritional adequacy.

In addition, the baby's sleeping position that is constantly only on one side or the baby's habit of pulling his own hair can also cause the hair in certain areas to become thinner.

Therefore, parents can't just rely on nutrients from celery leaves to thicken baby's hair. If you want your little one's hair to be thicker, there are several ways you can do it, namely:

  • Take care of the health of your little one's hair and scalp. The trick, wash your hair and scalp regularly using a special baby shampoo.
  • Dry your little one's hair using a soft baby towel. Do not rub the towel on your little one's head and hair, but just pat it gently.
  • Apply aloe vera, coconut oil, or olive oil to your little one's hair. These natural ingredients can nourish the scalp and hair roots so that they grow faster.
  • Meet your little one's nutritional needs by giving him breast milk, formula milk, or nutritious food after he can eat solid food.

Celery leaves are also good for baby's health

Instead of just being used to thicken baby's hair, it would be nice if celery leaves were also used as a mixture of the food menu.

If your baby is 6 months old and can be given complementary foods, celery leaves can complement their daily nutritional needs, considering that the nutritional content of this distinctively flavored vegetable is quite a lot.

As a healthy food, celery leaves can not only nourish baby's hair, but also provide a myriad of benefits for baby's health, ranging from supporting their growth and development, improving digestion, to strengthening their immune system.

So, the conclusion is that celery leaves do contain nutrients that can stimulate hair growth, but its use is not by making juice and applying it to the hair as a mask. This method cannot immediately make thin baby hair thick and thick.

In addition, the baby's hair growth rapidly generally occurs at the age of 6-12 months. So, it is very natural that babies who have not reached that age appear to have thin and little hair.

If your little one's hair doesn't look thick after that age, you don't need to be too worried, because his hair will continue to grow as he ages. If your baby has thin hair or even tends to be bald, it doesn't mean that later he won't have thick hair, really, Bun.

However, if you are worried about the condition of your little one's hair that looks very thin or is falling out a lot, you should check with a doctor.

Mothers can also ask the doctor about what foods need to be given to your little one to thicken and accelerate hair growth, including whether your little one needs to be given celery leaves.