Disposable Gallon Water VS Refill Gallon Water, Which is Better?

In addition to bottled drinking water in the form of refillable gallons, bottled water products are now appearing with new innovations, namely in the form of disposable gallons. Disposable gallons of water are considered more practical and hygienic than refilled gallons of water. However, is it true? Let's get to the facts!

Bottled water products in Indonesia are available in various packages and sizes, ranging from glass packaging, bottles, to gallons. Gallon bottled water (AMKG) is now available in large and small sizes.

Large gallon bottled water contains about 19 liters of water and generally uses a plastic material that can be used repeatedly. This refilled AMKG has long been a solution for drinking water providers at home, because it is suitable for meeting the drinking water needs of a family.

When choosing AMKG, make sure the mineral water is sourced from good and clean springs and has been processed properly and hygienically. This is important to ensure that the mineral water in gallons is safe and suitable for consumption.

Now appearing on the market for disposable gallon water (AGSP) which is claimed to be cleaner and more practical because it can be disposed of immediately. Disposable gallons of water also save consumers the need to return empty gallons to the water filling depot to be refilled.

Disposable Gallon Water Usage Facts

The plastic used in single-use gallon water packaging is considered safe, but it should only be used for single-use bottled water. Even so, the public is advised not to consume single-use gallon bottled water. What is the reason?

The use of AGSP is against government policy to reduce plastic waste. In the midst of the government's efforts to reduce the amount of plastic waste, the presence of single-use bottled water can actually increase plastic waste. This of course has an adverse impact on environmental health.

Environmental pollution due to the accumulation of plastic waste can harm health indirectly. In addition, processing plastic waste can also cause air pollution and global warming which will have a negative impact on health.

Eco-Friendly Refillable Gallon Water

The use of refillable gallon bottled water is considered more environmentally friendly. The reason is, after the water in it is consumed, the gallons will be taken back by the producer, taken to the factory to be cleaned and sterilized, then refilled with new clean and hygienic drinking water.

Organization Greenpeace also mentioned that plastic pollution needs to be reduced because it can damage the environment. One of the efforts that can be done to reduce pollution due to plastic is to limit the use of plastic, one of which is by not using single-use gallons of water.

The thing you need to remember is that not all gallon bottled water products are of good quality and fit for drinking. Therefore, you must be more careful in choosing bottled water that is quality and safe for health.

Take care of your health by drinking enough water, at least 8 glasses or about 2 liters per day, so you avoid dehydration. If you use bottled water, choose good bottled water so that your body's fluid needs can be met without risking health or the environment.