Get to know the Butterfly Hug, a Technique to Maintain Emotional Stability

When experiencing excessive anxiety or emotional outbursts, everything feels chaotic and out of control. Now, to solve this, you can you know, do technique butterfly hugs.

Butterfly hug or a butterfly hug is a form of independent stimulation to reduce anxiety and make yourself calmer. This method was developed by Lucina Artigas and Ignacio Jarero while helping survivors of a major hurricane in Acapulco, Mexico in 1998.

Since this technique succeeded in making people feel better, butterfly hugs has now developed into a standard practice performed by doctors, psychologists, or therapists to treat anxiety.

Benefits of Doing Butterfly Hug

When experiencing anxiety, a person will generally be hesitant, afraid, difficult to concentrate and make decisions, nervous, even angry. now, technique butterfly hugs can be a first aid when a person experiences this overflowing feeling.

This technique can make the mind calm and the body relaxed, so that anxiety and worry can gradually subside, as well as other symptoms of anxiety disorders.

Butterfly hug also known to be able to overcome anxiety in someone who has PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder when memories of the traumatic event come to mind and cause him to be emotionally depressed. This technique is also known to be effective for relieving PTSD symptoms in children with cancer.

In another study, it was also stated that the technique of butterfly hugs that is applied regularly can make children who were previously unable to understand and control their emotions become more proficient in understanding the emotions of themselves and their friends, tolerating and helping others, and working together.

Way to do Butterfly Hug

Butterfly hug not difficult to apply how come. You can do this method independently. Here is the guide:

  • Cross your arms in front of your chest. Place the fingertips of each hand under the collarbone or on the upper arm. Position your hand as comfortable as you can, yes.
  • Close your eyes as you catch your breath. Don't forget to focus your mind while doing butterfly hugs.
  • Make a slow clapping motion until your palms look like the wings of a fluttering butterfly. You can do this movement for 30 seconds or more until you feel calm.
  • While patting, breathe using your stomach and feel everything that is happening around you, including how you feel physically and emotionally.
  • Imagine all the feelings and emotions you feel passing through you in the form of a cloud. Realize that they do exist and you don't have to change them.
  • Stop when you feel good enough and the body becomes more relaxed.

You are free to do this technique anywhere. However, choose a place that is safe, comfortable, and not too crowded so that you are not disturbed and feel calm faster. In addition to yourself, you may also be able to apply it to those closest to you when they experience unstable emotions.

However, you need to remember that butterfly hugs can not be used as a substitute for therapy, yes. This technique only relieves feelings of anxiety and makes you feel calmer for a while.

If you have an anxiety disorder, panic attack, or disorder due to a past traumatic event, don't hesitate to ask a psychologist or psychiatrist for help. With the help of these professionals, you can get the right treatment according to your mental condition.