6 Worries of Third Trimester Pregnant Women

MEmasuki pregnancy third trimester definitely makepregnantI can't wait to meet my beloved baby soon. However, at the same time there are various worries that arise in pregnant women's hearts. This here, kinds of worries that are commonly felt by pregnant women and tips to overcome them.

The feeling of worry that pregnant women feel is very natural. First of all, all pregnancies and childbirths are inherently risky. Second, the worry that pregnant women feel shows the magnitude of their love for the prospective baby. So, not wrong, right, if pregnant women are anxious?

However, pregnant women do not need to think about this too seriously to be upset. What Bumil is worried about has an explanation, how come.

Know 6 Worries of Third Trimester Pregnant Women

Here are some questions that many pregnant women ask in the third trimester of pregnancy and their answers:

1. Can I travel far??

Traveling long distances while pregnant is actually still allowed until the gestational age of 32-34 weeks, unless the mother is at risk of giving birth prematurely. Traveling long distances in the last weeks of pregnancy is not recommended because it considers the possibility of the baby being born at any time.

In addition, sitting for too long during the trip can also increase the risk of forming blood clots that are dangerous for pregnancy. If you really have to travel long distances by car, try to take time to rest and stretch your legs, at least every hour or two.

2. Can I sleep on my back?

Pregnant women who have reached the third trimester are not recommended to sleep on their back. When sleeping in this position, the heavy uterus of the pregnant woman can compress the blood vessels and have an impact on reducing blood flow to the fetus.

To improve blood circulation, sleeping on the left has proven to be the best option. If you feel uncomfortable in this position, pregnant women can use pillows to support their legs and back.

3. Is it normal?bila janin bstop bmove?

Fetal movement is a sign that he is in good condition. Then what if your little one suddenly stops moving. Actually, there are many factors that cause a baby to stop moving and not all of them are dangerous. However, in the third trimester, pregnant women are advised to regularly check fetal movements.

In this period, fetal movements should be much more active and strong. However, if the fetus is not moving as much as usual, pregnant women can try to eat, then lie on their side to the left. If after 2 hours the fetus still does not move up to 10 times, immediately see a gynecologist.

4. How jfish cwater ketuban ttoo much sa bit?

Drinking more water can greatly help increase amniotic fluid, as can getting enough rest and eating a low-fat diet. However, if the volume of amniotic fluid is too low (oligohydramnios) occurs at more than 36 weeks of gestation, your doctor may recommend induction of labor.

About 1 in 25 pregnant women, especially in the third trimester, is at risk of experiencing oligohydramnios. Therefore, it is important for pregnant women to regularly check their pregnancy so that the volume of amniotic fluid can be monitored.

 5. is perlu bstop or pbeautiful kwork?

As long as the atmosphere at work is supportive and office tasks don't burden the pregnant woman until her third trimester of pregnancy, it's okay to continue working until it's time for the pregnant woman to go on maternity leave.

However, if the working conditions threaten the health of the pregnant woman and her fetus, for example working in a place with exposure to radiation, chemical gases, or heavy pollution, the pregnant woman should consider moving to a safer workplace or if necessary, stop working first.

6. How jfish the doctor ordered a cesarean section?

It is natural for pregnant women to really want to experience the struggle of giving birth normally. However, no one can guess if pregnant women suddenly need a caesarean section. Whatever the reason, of course this operation is recommended for the good of pregnant women and their little ones. After all, a caesarean section will not necessarily reduce the dignity of pregnant women as the mother of the little one, how come.

Considering the cost of caesarean section is quite expensive, it is better for pregnant women and their partners to prepare funds for childbirth from the beginning of pregnancy. This is just in case you suddenly have to spend a lot of money and the delivery is not covered by insurance.

In addition, pregnant women may also be worried when experiencing certain complaints, such as frequent urination, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping, when the gestational age has reached the third trimester.

Pregnant women's worries are natural. To reduce this worry, pregnant women are highly recommended for routine pregnancy check-ups with a gynecologist. Apart from monitoring the health of pregnant women and their little ones, pregnant women can also discuss questions or concerns that pregnant women have.