How to Burp a Baby Correctly

Babies sometimes have bloatingafter feeding. So that he doesn't fuss, oParents need to know how to burp their baby the right way to relieve this complaint. If done the wrong way, instead of burping, the baby will feel even more uncomfortable.

When a baby suckles, air can be swallowed and trapped in the digestive tract. This trapped air can cause the baby to spit up, bloat, to fuss because of colic.

Burping your baby can help expel air and prevent this problem from occurring, so your baby can suckle longer and sleep better.

How often Baby Need Dislaugh and How?

Actually there is no rule that requires mothers to burp their babies after each feeding. Some babies need to be burped regularly, but some don't. You can try burping your little one if he seems uncomfortable during or after feeding, or if he suddenly wakes up from sleep and is fussy. This could be due to colic or bloating.

There are several positions that you can try to burp your little one, namely:

1. The position is carried upright

Sit up straight and carry your little one facing you. Position your baby's chin on your shoulder, and support his body from below with one hand. Then, use your other hand to rub or pat your little one's back slowly and gently.

2. Sitting position

Sit your little one on your mother's lap. Support his body by holding his chin and supporting his chest with the base of the palm. Try to just hold your little one's chin, not hold his neck. With your other hand, gently pat or rub your little one's back.

3. Prone position

Put your little one in your arms or lap in the prone position. Support and position the head higher than the body, or position the baby's body with a 45° incline, then gently pat or rub his back.

Try the three methods above and use the most comfortable position for you and your little one. Make sure your baby's body is straight (not curled or bent) so that air can escape easily. Don't forget to cup your hands when you pat your back so you don't clap too hard.

Things to Pay Attention to when Burping a Baby

Burping your little one doesn't need to be too long, just do the steps above for 1-2 minutes or until your little one burps. This means, if he hasn't burped for up to 2 minutes, you don't need to continue. But if your little one still seems uncomfortable or fussy, try burping again in another position.

Also, burping your baby may make him vomit. So, prepare a towel or cloth when burping your little one, Bun.

There are studies that show that the habit of burping a baby can not prevent colic, but instead increases the baby's risk of spitting up. Even so, research on a larger scale and in more detail is still needed to justify this.

If your little one is still colic or fussy after burping, try laying him down and gently massaging his tummy. In addition, Mother can also move the two legs of the Little One like pedaling a bicycle.

However, if all of the above methods still don't work to calm your little one down or make him even more fussy, you should take your little one to the pediatrician to be examined and given treatment if necessary.

Written by:

dr. Michael Kevin Robby Setyana