Chickenpox Scars Disturbing Appearance? This is how to get rid of it

Chickenpox scars that don't want to go away could mengspoil appearance. Especially if it appears on the face or on body parts that are not covered by clothes. Come on, find out how to fix it.

Chickenpox scars are included in the type of atrophic scars, namely scars that form due to the skin losing collagen when there is inflammation. This type of scar will make the skin become sunken and appear uneven.

Various Ways to Get Rid of Chicken Pox

In addition to inflammation, chickenpox scars can also be caused by scratching. Therefore, it is advisable not to scratch the skin when experiencing chickenpox, so as not to form scars.

If the chicken pox scars have already appeared, you can do the following ways to disguise them:

1. Apply honey

In addition to delicious to be consumed directly, honey is also useful for disguising the former chicken pox.

The trick is to apply honey to the smallpox scars at night before going to bed. After that, cover the former smallpox using a bandage. In the morning, remove the bandage and wash the chicken pox marks with warm water.

2. Massage with coconut oil

Massaging chickenpox scars with coconut oil can also be an alternative to get rid of chickenpox scars.

The trick is to apply a few drops of coconut oil on the smallpox scars while doing a light massage for about 10 minutes. Then, let the coconut oil absorb into the skin for about an hour. For maximum results, do this 2-4 times every day.

3. Exfoliate the skin

You can also exfoliate your skin to help disguise chickenpox scars. Exfoliation is one way to remove dead skin cells. There are two types of skin exfoliation, namely mechanical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation.chemical peel).

Mechanical exfoliation can be done by rubbing scrub or other exfoliants, such as microdermabrasion, on the area of ​​the chickenpox scar. Mechanical exfoliation with scrub can be done alone at home, every 3 days.

While exfoliating using chemicals can be done by applying a special liquid or cream that can exfoliate the skin. But before exfoliating the skin in this way, you need to consult a dermatologist first.

4.Apply retinol cream

Retinol is a type of vitamin A that can stimulate the formation of collagen in the skin, so it can overcome the sunken smallpox scars.

For maximum results, use retinol cream regularly every night. If your skin becomes irritated while using a retinol cream, stop using it and see a doctor.

5. Paste the silicone gel

Another way you can do to get rid of smallpox scars is to apply silicone gel on the skin. Silicone gel is useful for softening and flattening smallpox scars.

For maximum results, you can put silicone gel on the skin that has smallpox scars for about 12 hours per day. But remember, before using silicone gel, consult a dermatologist first.

6. Use sunscreen

When doing outdoor activities, don't forget to apply sunscreen on your skin. This is because skin that has chickenpox scars will be more sensitive to sun exposure.

You can do the above methods to get rid of the chicken pox scars that interfere with your appearance, and you should first consult with a dermatologist so that the treatment options can be adjusted to your skin condition.