Don't scratch, these are 6 ways to deal with itchy breasts during pregnancy

Pitchy tits during pregnancy is common to occur. Even if you can disturbing comfortPregnant women should not scratch it because there are other ways that tend to be safer in relieving the itching that appears.

Itchy breasts during pregnancy can occur due to various factors, usually triggered by pregnancy hormones, stretching of the skin, and weight gain during pregnancy.

However, it is possible that this complaint arises because of skin irritation to clothing materials, soaps, and detergents used to wash clothes.

Method Overcoming Itchy Breasts When Pregnant

Scratching the itchy breast is not recommended because this can actually cause skin irritation. In fact, the itching can get worse, and can make the skin hurt and feel sore.

For that, instead of scratching it, it is better for pregnant women to apply the following ways to deal with itchy breasts during pregnancy:

1. Using perfume and detergent free soap

Itchy breasts that pregnant women experience can be triggered by the use of bath soaps or detergents used to wash clothes. For that, try to check again the content of the soap and detergent used.

Pregnant women are advised to avoid using bath soaps that contain perfumes and detergents because these two ingredients can cause irritation that triggers itching.

Pregnant women are advised to use bath soaps that contain emollients or moisturizers. As for the detergent used for washing clothes, choose the one labeled “gentleand does not contain perfume.

2. Muse lotion routinely

After bathing, get into the habit of applying lotion to the skin, including the skin around the breasts. Have pregnant women done it but complaints of itching still appear? Try choosing a lotion that contains vitamin E and emollients. Both of these ingredients can be found in goat's milk lotion, oats, cocoa, and almonds aloe vera.

In addition to lotions containing vitamin E and emollients, pregnant women can also take advantage of petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly can maintain and restore skin moisture so as to reduce itching in the breast.

3. Apply essential oil

To treat itchy breasts during pregnancy, pregnant women can apply essential oils to the breasts. There are many essential oils that can reduce itching, including coconut oil, peppermint, lavender, chamomile, and tea tree oil (tea tree).

However, before using essential oils, pregnant women are advised to consult a doctor first to ensure their safety. If allowed, use it with care and don't forget to mix it with a carrier oil before applying it to the skin.

4. Menggwear a nursing bra or nursing bra

Nursing bras can not only be used after giving birth, you know, but also during pregnancy. The reason is, the use of a nursing bra can reduce itching while preventing nipple blisters, because nursing bras are generally made of soft materials.

5. Mengenjoy loose clothes

Clothes that are loose, comfortable, and made of cotton can be the right choice to deal with itchy breasts. On the other hand, wearing tight clothing increases the risk of skin irritation.

6. Mengcompress with ice or cold water

The way to deal with the breasts during the next pregnancy is to compress the breasts with ice or cold water for 10 minutes. In addition, pregnant women are also advised to avoid bathing with water that is too hot because it can increase the risk of skin irritation.

If the method of dealing with itchy breasts has been done but does not produce the desired results or the itching that appears is very disturbing and is accompanied by other symptoms, pregnant women should consult a doctor to get the right treatment.