Understanding the Importance of Cleaning Your Eyes Every Day

Maintaining eye hygiene is often forgotten. Unknowingly the eyes are exposed to dust, dirt, or other foreign objects, the one that caninterfere with vision and daily activities. This condition is certainly very inconvenient, especially if you are a contact lens user.

When dust, dirt, or foreign objects get into your eyes, you may rub your eyes to clean them. However, these habits can make your eyes easily irritated and risk causing blurred vision. Therefore, it is very important to maintain regular eye hygiene every day, in the right way.

When Should Your Eyes Be Cleaned?

The eye is a very complex organ of the body and is equipped with specially created parts to protect it from exposure to dust, dirt, or other foreign objects. Even so, these foreign objects are still possible to enter the eye and cause impaired function.

Exposure to these foreign objects can irritate the eyes and become red, and can even cause inflammation of the eyes. To prevent this from happening, you need to clean your eyes properly if a foreign object gets into your eye. If there is an eye disorder due to exposure to a foreign object, proper eye cleaning is also needed so that the disturbance does not get worse and complaints can be resolved.

Safe Way to Clean Eyes

Many ways can be done to clean the eyes, but the method must be adjusted to the type of dirt that enters the eye. Here are some simple steps you can take to clean your eyes.

  • First, wash your hands with soap and water. Before cleaning your eyes, make sure you have removed your contact lenses when using them.
  • Then, clean dust, dirt, or other foreign objects that enter your eyes by running clean, dripping water slowly into your eyes.
  • Another way that can be done is soaking your eyes using eye bath cup, glass, or small container filled with water. Then, lower your face and aim eye bath cup containing the water into the eye that has the problem. When the eye is submerged, make repeated opening and closing movements to remove dirt or foreign objects trapped in the eye.

In addition to the above self-care, you can also clean your eyes daily by using eyewash liquid. Eyewash liquid can help remove foreign objects and chemicals from the surface of the eye, as well as relieve symptoms of eye disorders, such as red, sore, or itchy eyes.

One of the eyewash liquids that are commonly used to clean the eyes is an eyewash that contains witch hazel. In addition to helping clean the eyes, this substance is also able to relieve irritation or inflammation, so the eyes will feel cool, fresh, and function properly again. However, it is recommended to avoid using eyewash liquids that contain preservatives such as Benzalkonium chloride, because the research obtained adverse effects for the eyes.

If you choose to use eyewash, choose a product that has been registered with the Food and Drug Administration (BPOM) to ensure safety. Certain eyewash products even have halal certification, so they can be widely used by the public.

So, never rub, scratch, or clean your eyes with your hands, especially when they are dirty. This actually risks causing eye problems to get worse. If the complaint feels very disturbing or does not improve, it is advisable to consult an ophthalmologist, so that appropriate treatment can be given.