Benefits and Dangers of Sparkling Water for Body Health

Sparkling water It is often considered a good, healthy, and refreshing substitute for soda. However, not a few also think that this drink has a bad effect on health. To find out more about sparkling water, see this article.

Sparkling water is water that is carbonated or contains bubbles of carbon dioxide gas. There are two types sparkling water, that is sparkling water natural and sparkling water artificial.

Sparkling water Natural sources are taken from original springs which have been carbonated since the beginning and contain various minerals and sulfur compounds.

Temporary sparkling water Artificial water is drinking water that is given additional carbon dioxide using a pressurized machine. Multiple products sparkling water Artificial also contains added minerals and sugar or high-fructose syrup.

Facts About Danger Sparkling Water

Not only soda, nowadays many people also believe that carbonated water is like sparkling water can adversely affect the health of bones and teeth, and increase the risk irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Is that right?

Certain types of soda are known to reduce mineral density in bones, because these drinks contain phosphorus which can increase the elimination of calcium through urine. Although both carbonated, sparkling water does not contain phosphorus so it does not have the same effect.

Sparkling water Pure ones also do not contain citric acid and added sugar, which are feared to damage the outer layer of teeth. So, the concern that this drink can damage teeth only applies to sparkling water which contains added citric acid and sugar.

Another concern also arises from the carbon dioxide content in the sparkling water which is thought to turn into carbonic acid, a strong acid that can damage teeth. In fact, carbon dioxide in sparkling water only in the form of a proven gas that can not damage teeth.

In the case of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), it's true that carbonated drinks like sparkling water can cause bloating and gas that can make IBS symptoms recur. However, these drinks do not cause IBS in people who don't have them.

Until now there has been no research that proves that sparkling water dangerous for health. On the other hand, this drink can actually help overcome various health problems.

Benefit Sparkling Water for Health

If you don't like drinking plain water, sparkling water which is free of sugar and calories can be the right choice. This drink can help prevent dehydration like regular water, but provides a pleasant bubbling sensation.

On the other hand, sparkling water also offers several other health benefits, including:

Control your weight

If you are on a diet program, adequate water intake is one of the keys to maintaining an ideal body weight. Instead of consuming sugary drinks like soda, juice, or sweetened tea, drink sparkling water no added sugar is a better choice.

In addition to being an intake to meet water needs, sparkling water including the type of drink that can delay hunger by holding the feeling of fullness longer in the stomach. With this ability, your appetite or portion sizes will be more controlled.

Relieves constipation

Drink regularly sparkling water It has also been shown to aid digestion and relieve symptoms of constipation. Unfortunately, research that proves the benefits sparkling water This is still limited so it is necessary to do research on a larger scale.

Improve swallowing ability

Several studies have shown that drinking sparkling water can improve swallowing ability by stimulating the nerves responsible for swallowing. This will be beneficial for elderly people who have difficulty swallowing.

Not only that, consuming this drink can also cleanse and increase the sense of relief in the throat.

To get benefits sparkling water and to avoid its negative impact on body health, make sure you always read the nutrition table on the packaging of this drink. Avoid buying products sparkling water containing citric acid, sodium, sugar, and artificial sweeteners.

Avoid drinking sparkling water if you have stomach problems or often experience pain after drinking carbonated water. If necessary, consult a doctor first before consuming sparkling water, to make sure this drink is safe for you.