Choosing the Right 4 Month Baby Toys

There are various types and variations of baby toys at the age of 4 months. However, because there are so many choices, sometimes parents can be confused when choosing toys for their children. So that the toys you choose are safe and useful, see how to choose a 4 month baby toy in the following article.

When your baby is 4 months old, your baby's weight will increase to double the weight at birth. The length of the body will increase by about 2 cm. In addition to physical growth, your little one also begins to show development in motor skills, communication, thinking, and showing emotions.

At this age, your little one seems to be interested in the surrounding environment and is starting to enjoy playing with toys or other objects around him.

In fact, there are studies that show that playing with the right games plays an important role in growing intelligence and supporting the growth and development of your little one.

Know More About 4 Months Baby Development

Before choosing the right toy for your little one, you need to know some aspects of development when your baby is 4 months old. Signs of growth and development can be seen from the following:

Motor skills

At 4 months of age, babies begin to reach for a toy with one or both hands and try to put a toy or hand in their mouth. In addition, the baby will also start on his stomach supported by his arms and elbows, or even begin to roll over and crawl.

Communication and language

A 4-month-old baby will begin to imitate the sounds he hears and respond to Mom and Dad's words by laughing, screaming, babbling, or crying. Babies generally cry when they are hungry, tired, sleepy, or feel pain or itching in any part of their body.

Emotional or social

Emotionally, a 4-month-old baby begins to get to know the people around him. He will be excited, smile, or laugh when Mom and Dad invite him to play. In addition, your little one is also starting to be able to calm himself down.

Think and learn

At the age of 4 months, babies begin to respond to conditions around them, for example, stop feeding when they hear certain music or stop crying when they are about to be breastfed. Not only that, your little one also begins to be curious about the objects around him, so he always holds and looks at them.

However, mothers and fathers need to remember that the development of each child is different, some are faster or even a little late (for example in premature children). Therefore, do not hesitate to consult a pediatrician to monitor the growth and development of the baby.

Variety of Baby Toys Age 4 Months

As mentioned above, your little one begins to be good at playing and interacting with objects around him at the age of about 4 months. now, Mom and Dad can also give him a 4 month baby toy that is suitable to support his growth and development.

However, Mom and Dad don't just buy it, yes. Choose the right toy for your child. Here are some toy options for a 4 month old baby:

1. To stimulate hand movement

Choose a doll made of soft cotton that is light and easy for your little one to lift or hold. However, make sure the doll doesn't have buttons, ribbons, or other accessories that can be removed.

2. To stimulate the growth of teeth

Mom and Dad can give your little one a 4-month-old baby toy in the form of a donut made of solid silicone. This toy can be refrigerated and used to relieve the pain experienced by your little one when they start teething. However, don't let the temperature of the toy be too cold because it can hurt your little one's gums.

3. To hone language skills

Listening to parents' voices or music is known to help your little one develop their language skills and intelligence. Mom and Dad can hone their little one's language skills and intelligence by reading them story books, fairy tales, or singing.

4. To stimulate the ability to hear

Moms and Dads can stimulate their little one's hearing ability by turning on music or giving their little one a 4-month-old toy that makes a sound when shaken so he or she reacts to sound.

Things to Look For When Choosing Toys for Babies

Not only adapted to the development of the Little One, Mother and Father also have to consider the security side when buying toys. The following are things to consider when choosing toys for your little one:

Choose toys that are appropriate for the baby's age

Most of the packaging or toy boxes have the recommended age listed. This is because the toy has been designed according to the child's playing ability according to his age group.

Pay attention to the material and the model of the toy

To make it safer for your little one to play with, choose a 4 month baby toy that doesn't have batteries, buttons, beads, threads, magnets, or other objects that can be easily removed because there is a risk of being swallowed by your little one. When buying a toy, also make sure there are no sharp parts or paint that easily fades on the toy.

Choose a toy with the right size

Make sure the chosen 4 month baby toy is bigger than the little one's mouth to prevent the risk of choking. Also avoid choosing toys that are heavy because they are difficult for your little one to hold or play with. Toys that are too heavy can also put your child at risk of injury.

Choose toys that are easy to clean with soap and water

Mother and Father must often clean toys so that the Little One is prevented from infection with bacteria and viruses that cause disease. Therefore, choose toys that are easy to clean with soap and water, or can be cleaned in a washing machine.

Avoid toys that contain toxic materials

Some toys contain toxic materials, such as phthalates, plasticizers, cadmium, lead, mercury and arsenic. These materials can be inhaled or come into contact with your little one, so there is a risk of causing health problems. Therefore, as much as possible choose toys that do not contain these chemicals.

Come onIntroduce your little one to a variety of objects and toys for a 4-month-old baby. However, don't let your little one play alone. yes. Always supervise when your little one plays to prevent unwanted things.

If Mom and Dad are still confused about choosing toys that are safe for your little one at the age of 4 months, don't hesitate to consult a pediatrician to ask which toys are safe for your little one to play with.